Check out this leaked video of Project Q, Sony’s streaming handheld

A video has emerged that seems to show Project Q, Sony’s new portable streaming device. It appears to be authentic, Project Q is covered in protective wrapping which I doubt a faker would bother with, and shows what I would assume is a temporary UI in action.

I’m suggesting that it’s temporary as it’s all rather basic and blocky and appears to be a version of Google’s Andriod OS,. We do get a good look a the device as the leaker helpfully spins it around to show all sides. Take a look.

Sadly this is not a true successor to the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita, with the handheld not seemingly set to feature the hardware to run games locally. Instead it will be tied specifically to the PlayStation 5, allowing you to play PS5 games off TV via remote play.

Project Q will feature an 8″ HD screen and all the other bits of a DualSense controller, so you can get the full PS5 experience.

Recently the ongoing legal battles between Microsoft and the FTC have revealed a surprising bit of news, the price and launch window of Project Q.  Legal documents from the FTC case found Microsoft revealing that Project Q will launch this year, and for a price under $300.

That would put the device in the same price bracket as the Nintendo Switch, but you will still need a PS5 at home to play. However, Sony may announce a package in which you can stream games from servers, perhaps everything in the higher tier PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

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