Star Wars Outlaws behind the scenes explores crafting a galaxy of criminal opportunity

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Star Wars Outlaws was revealed last month by Ubisoft, with Massive Entertainment taking the reigns on the development of the game. Set in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Outlaws explores the criminal underground where opportunity is rife thanks to the war. Ubisoft has released a behind the scenes video discussing the way the Star Wars Outlaws galaxy is being crafted to reflect that opportunity, and danger.

The core part of building the Outlaws version of the Star Wars galaxy is by the developers going through the archives of Lucasfilm. There will be familiar locations, like Tatooine, but Massive Entertainment is on a mission to show new perspectives of such planets. It is not just about visiting the familiar planets either. One of the new planets is called Toshara, a location that really embodies the scoundrel and outlaw life. The world has been inspired by the savannahs of Africa, with the team using Tanzania as one of those inspirations, but then adding on the elements of Star Wars. The main city of Toshara is Murugana, that has been built into a huge rock.

Players will be taking on the role of scoundrel Kay Vess, who is on a mission to pull off one of the greatest heists in history, while dealing with and defying criminal syndicates. There will be familiar faces popping up too. For example, Kay Vess’ path will cross with the Hutts, one of the biggest criminal syndicates in Star Wars. It has also been confirmed that along with the familiar organisations there will be new syndicates that has been developed especially for the game, and crafted so they fit into the Star Wars canon.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024.

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