Starfield animated anthology introduces The Settled Systems

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Bethesda has released an animated anthology series for their upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield, introducing us to the different core systems, planets and cities that we’ll be visiting once the game comes out for Xbox Series X|S and PC on 9th September 2023.

At the heart of human civilisation in this game are the three capitals of New Atlantis, Akila City and Neon. Let’s dive in with three distinct stories told in these settings.

The first short visits New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, where courier pilot Kent aspires to reach the capital’s elite by joining UC Vanguard.

Next we jump over to Akila City where Vanna is seeking a way off the planet, and has to scrounge for parts to fix her broken ship and make it out of the atmosphere.

Finally we delve down in the scum and villainy of Neon, where street rats Ada and Harper look to make a living by stealing from partygoers in the “pleasure city”. This gets the attention of Ryujin Industries…

They’re three little morsels of world-building that we get before the full game’s release, and it will be interesting to see how much of this kind of narrative transfers to the full game – will we meet these characters?

There will be time away from the main quest, that’s for sure, in which you join the Constellation group, the last bastion of space exploration, who discover mysterious alien artifacts that you then seek to uncover more of. There’s around 1,000 planets that can be visited in the game, with a clutch of inner planets like Alpha Centauri, which is home to New Atlantis and the home base of Constellation, Seddonia, a mining hub on Mars, settlements in the Freestar Collective that has a wild west vibe, and then more factions and places beyond that.

We got a good long look at the game last month during the dedicated Starfield Direct during faux-E3 2023. So… here is:

Everything we now know from the Starfield Direct

There’s not long to go now, with just six weeks to go before Starfield drops onto Xbox Series X|S and PC. As well as a full paid release, the game will naturally be in Xbox Game Pass on day one as all of Microsoft’s first party games are, though it almost certainly won’t be in the new Game Pass Core tier that is replacing Xbox Live Gold.

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