What We Played #613 – Remnant II, Midnight Suns & Pokémon Sleep

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The school holidays have begun which, predictably means that it’s been raining and drizzling up and down the country. Luckily, we have the technology to deal with the rain – we can sit inside playing video games. This week I’ve been playing loads of multiplayer, first in Exoprimal, and second in Remnant II. I’ve had a whole hell of a good time with them both, though one is clearly superior than the other. Can you guess which one it is? Besides these two, I’ve carried on playing more Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp because… well, it’s Advance Wars.

Nic B has played Pokémon Sleep! Though I’m not sure ‘playing’ is the right word there. He says, “It’s a very languid game, so much so that I don’t have the energy to be frustrated at its systems and mechanics. But there are daily patches at the moment and it’s kinda cute, so I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it evolves (see what I did there?)”

Remnant 2 Executioner

Jason has also been playing Remnant 2, sometimes with me! He says, “I finally found the last weapon. I’m also still enjoying it despite putting 30 hours in this week just for guides work. The game’s astounding.”

Steve has also started on Remnant 2 but tells us “I need to get into multiplayer as solo is nails hard.” That’s not all for this week though,  “I have also been indulging in lots of retro fun with the very dated Enclave HD and the over 1000 titles on Antstream – newly launched on Xbox. Review of the latter to come next week. Just some handheld emulation until Sunday now as I am being an academic at a horror conference.”

Aran played through The Legend of Tianding, calling it “an excellent beat ’em up based on the Taiwanese Robin Hood, a rebel who lived during Japanese occupation.” On top of that he’s started Thronefall for review, a minimalist kingdom management game, and also Yakuza Like A Dragon and XIII.

Gareth played Diablo IV’s new season, World War Z Aftermath, and Samurai Warriors 5. He also tried Dynasty Warriors 9, but it doesn’t sound like he enjoyed it as he simply said, “it was terrible.”

Midnight Suns Hunter Attack

Still deeply ensconced in Midnight Suns is Ade. He says, “It’s an absolutely brilliant superhero strategy game and I urge anyone who missed it on release to give it a go – you won’t be disappointed! Unless for some weird reason you hate good games.”

Nick P managed to squeeze in a little Street Fighter 6, Diablo IV and Midnight Suns, where he’s trying to polish off the DLC.

And finally we round things out with Tef, who’s been rescuing McLaren from the awful car that they started 2023 with. Oh sure, it seems like they’re right back in the mix in the real world, but it’s quite tricky to pull off the same feat in F1 Manager 2023.

What about you? What have you been playing?

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  1. Still the same things on the PS5, slowly getting some big things out of the way. And Samurai Warriors 5 from PS+, which is as fun as always.

    And then I won a copy of Switchback VR, which was nice. Quite enjoying it so far.

    And still getting distracted by the shiny new PC and game pass, which seems to have a few good things and a lot of very average things. And that new dinosaur game, Exoprimal. Which I’m already bored of due to the complete lack of content.

    • Exoprimal does get better – but I can’t think of another multiplayer game where it forces you to play one mode for hours before giving you other stuff.

  2. I’ve completed most of the campaign in Doom and just need to finish the first chapter on Ultra Nightmare, which is easier said than done.
    In the interim, I’ve been very pleased to discover that NFC tags do work on Lego Dimensions, so I’ll be working on that this weekend.
    I also hoovered up some quick platinums in Stroke The Beaver and Stroke The Dik-Dik (which amused me far more than it should!) as well as Thunder and Autumn’s Journey!

    • Lego Dimensions is still a favourite in our house – though we’ve picked up most of the Lego over the years!

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