PlayStation VR 2 games list for August 2023

playstation vr games august 2023 psvr

Wondering what the new PlayStation VR 2 games for August 2023 are? We’re now several months into the life cycle of Sony’s latest virtual reality tech. In that time we’ve seen a handful of heavy hitters, spliced with innovative indies, and older PSVR titles getting well-deserved – and sometimes free – makeovers.

July was a fairly quiet month, at least in terms of new PSVR2 releases with sci-fi first person shooter, Synpase, being the main standout – you can check out our review here.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something new to play as we round out the long summer months, here are your PlayStation VR 2 games for August 2023.

Upcoming PlayStation VR 2 games list for August 2023

VR Skater | August 4, 2023

Some of the best VR title are often those that take a simple, tried and tested premise, then adapt it for virtual reality. Following the recent boom of skateboarding games – including the Tony Hawks remasters and various sims – we now have VR Skater, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Using the game’s intuitive controls, you’ll skate your way through 7 with plenty of opportunities to string together tricks including flips, grabs, grinds, and more, all from a first person view. Initial previews have praised VR Skater for its simplicity and immersion factor though note that it can take some time getting used to.

Firewall Ultra | August 24, 2023

Easily our most anticipated VR title of 2023, this follow-up to 2018’s superb Firewall: Zero Hour cannot come sooner. This tense, tactical first person shooter sequel is the closest thing we’ll get to having a Rainbow Six VR game – even if we did, even Ubisoft would struggle to match what the team at First Contact Entertainment have managed to pull off.

Firewall Ultra pits 2 teams of highly trained Contractors against each other as they battle to complete objectives in tightly designed maps. Co-ordination is key, whether talking to your squad mates directly or signalling with silent hand gestures, allowing you to point out threats, clear rooms, and lay ambushes. The PSVR 2 sequel also improves Firewall’s co-op offering with various PvE missions, helping you to hone your Contractor skills. Of course, there will be plenty of ways to customise your experience, switching out weapons, attachments, gear, and skills, allowing for many diverse playstyle configurations.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad | August 29, 2023

Much like buses, you can wait for a SWAT-style PlayStation VR 2 shooter to come along and then two appear at the same time! Crossfire: Sierra Squad is the latest title in long-running Crossfire franchise, and the latest attempt to win over first person shooter fans outside its home country of South Korea.

The key difference between Sierra Squad and Firewall Ultra is that the former does not offer competitive online multiplayer. Instead, it offer a 13-mission solo campaign as well as 50 squad missions designed for 1 to 3 players, as well as a “Horde” style wave-based survival mode for up to 4 players. It will be interesting to see how the two VR shooters compare in terms of gunplay, customisation, and immersion. Crossfire: Sierra Squad boasts a hefty arsenal of weapons, as well as gadgets and support gear, to keep skirmishes varied and entertaining.

Super Death Game SHOW! VR | August, 2023

Admittedly, we hadn’t heard of this one before our research. If you hadn’t guessed, this PlayStation VR 2 title casts you as a contender in the Super Death Game SHOW! where you’ll either walk away with a huge cash prize, or not at all…

It’s a bit “in your face” though there’s method in its madness. Super Death Game SHOW! will present a series of challenges in the form of mini games which are designed to be suitable for casual players and VR beginners without worrying about complex controls or moving around large environments. You’ll stand in place and have the game instructions presented before interacting with objects and tools to earn that sweet cash. It looks pretty wild and we hope there’s a decent amount of depth and replayability.

For more on Sony’s latest virtual reality tech, you can read our detailed PlayStation VR 2 review.