Marvel Snap development roadmap confirms PC launch soon, guilds in concept stage

Second Dinner has released a new development roadmap for Marvel Snap, highlighting what players can expect for the collectible card game soon, as well as what ideas are floating around in the concept stage. One of the key launches coming soon is the official Marvel Snap PC launch, along with improvements to the card upgrade system. At the concept stage, ideas that have not had any development, Second Dinner is considering guilds and social systems.

The PC launch of Marvel Snap will include feature parity with the mobile version of the game, while having been tweaked for a widescreen experience. The card upgrade improvements will include multi upgrade, allowing you to pick which quality level to upgrade to in one go, providing you have the credits and boosters to reach that level. That is instead of multi tapping through each level. There will also be the option to use gold to upgrade cards too. Also coming soon will be seasonal audio, with each season having its own menu music. Conquest mode will also be polished, adding the option to speed up or skip animations, improving the loss flow, and other user experience and interface updates.

Following these features, the next items in development include a Prestige Level, spotlight cache improvements, collectible emotes and card emojis, smart decks, personalised shop, new infinity splits, and ultimate variant evolution. The in concept ideas, such as guilds, also include mythic variants, PC controller support, a new game mode, and season journey improvements. As mentioned all of these are in the idea stage only, so no development or engineering work has been done for these.

Marvel Snap Review

In our Marvel Snap review, Jim said, “The best thing about Marvel Snap is that it requires so little effort to play yet has brilliant strategic depth. Matches are so quick that you’ll rarely feel the sting of disappointment upon defeat, while each win pushes you towards the next card reveal. Like any live service game, it’s constantly evolving with balance patches a roadmap teasing new content and features. Let’s just hope we’ll see the developers lessen the grind and give players more ways to unlock their favourite Marvel heroes and villains in future.”

Source: Marvel Snap official site

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