Deep dive trailer explains how EA Sports FC 24 will look better than FIFA 23

EA Sports FC 24 Haaland Header

EA has released another deep dive trailer for EA Sports FC 24, diving into all the advancements and improvements to the game’s visual, animations and overall matchday experience over FIFA 23.

There’s a lot going into FC 24 to take that next step visually. The Sapien tech that is being shared with NFL Madden 24 overhauls player models to be 10x more precise and have smoother animations that reflect a broader range of body types. They’ve also touched the cloth physics with GPU-based physics trying to make it look and move more like real materials stretching and rippling, while lighting is given more contrast and shadowing on players and there’s Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion to help them stand out from the pitch.

With the new branding, there’s efforts to take the next step for the matchday experience. There’s more dynamic match intros that will also be shorter and get you to kick-off quicker, while also being more tailored to the story behind the game. Scenes will also be rendered in the pause menus, half-time and full-time, showing pundits chatting away, dressing room chatter and more as you go through the menus.

And then there’s the presentation touches when actually playing the game. There’s a new commentary duo of guy Mowbray and former England international Sue Smith available in certain modes, and they’ll be chattering over rebalanced audio that makes football chants and crowds louder. A new default gameplay camera will try to show a little bit more of the stadium and feels more dynamic as it follows the ball and action, and there’s even more augmented reality-like overlays and details being rendered on pitch to show stats, player fatigue, win probabilities and more,

Oh, and they’ve obviously added a bunch of new celebrations to taunt your rivals with if and when you score a goal.

EA Sports FC 24 is coming out 28th August 2023 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as less featureful versions for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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