LEGO Animal Crossing sets may be on the way

Two LEGO leakers have suggested that LEGO sets based on Nintendo hit franchise Animal Crossing will launched in March 2024. Only the product numbers have been released but both exabrickslegogo_ on Instagram, and Brick Clicker on YouTube have said that these are LEGO Animal Crossing sets.

LEGO Animal Crossing

It is suggested that the LEGO Animal Crossing minifigs that come with the sets will have special heads, rather than the standard LEGO heads. The leaks also suggest the following prices for the sets.

  • Set 77046 – $14.99 (170 pieces)
  • Set 77047 – $19.99 (164 pieces)
  • Set 77048 – $29.99 (233 pieces)
  • Set 77049 – $39.99 (389 pieces)
  • Set 77050 – $74.99 (535 pieces)

As for Animal Crossing, Nintendo have been very quiet on that subject. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now way past it’s third birthday and has not been updated since the end of 2021. There were a few suggestions that Nintendo may be remastering or remaking one of the older Animal Crossing games but nothing of substance has leaked.  The last time anything Animal Crossing appeared on Switch was back in April 2022 when some new icons were made available for a short period.

On the other hand, LEGO are having a golden period when it comes to video games with LEGO 2K drive scoring a 9/10 in our review. “Lego 2K Drive does an incredible job of bringing Lego racing to life; it’s unashamedly creative, consistently energetic, and confidently amusing. It’s the kind of game that can bring families together in front of a screen, and away from it,” said Dom.

You may also like to check out LEGO Bricktales which scored 8/10. “Lego Bricktales is a wonderful adventure that’s full of the charms of playing with the iconic construction toy in real life. It’s a gorgeous digital rendition with all its exquisitely crafted dioramas a delight to behold, and with puzzles that lean on Lego’s greatest strengths. Just beware that the Switch version is hampered by intrusive performance issues in places,” said Stefan.

Source: Instagram via VGC

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