These games will be free on Epic Games Store from August 10th

free epic games

The next free Epic Games Store titles have officially been revealed. Next week, from August 10th you’ll be able to claim grand strategy sequel, Europa Universalis IV and social sleuthing sim, Orwell: Keeping an eye on you.

Both free Epic Store games will be available for one week only – if you claim them before August 17th you can keep them, forever. Keep reading for an overview of the 2 upcoming freebies as well as this week’s free offering.

What are the next free Epic Games Store games?

Europa Universalis IV offers players the opportunity to lead a nation through the transformative era from Renaissance to Revolution. As the fourth instalment of the series, the game is a complex empire-building simulation that emphasises war, diplomacy, and trade to shape a nation’s history. Key features include:

  • Flexibility in Nation Building: Players have the freedom to shape and guide their nation’s destiny with endless possibilities for decision-making.
  • Monarch Power System: The game introduces a new monarch power system, where leaders’ qualities influence gameplay dynamics, allowing for strategic adaptation.
  • Historical Immersion: Interact with famous historical figures and participate in thousands of historical events, bringing the past to life.
  • Detailed World Map: Enjoy immersive gameplay on a topographical map with dynamic seasonal effects, spanning centuries.
  • Trade System: Control trade routes and accumulate wealth through the new trade system, adding depth to economic strategies.
  • Deeper Diplomacy: Explore a robust diplomatic system involving coalitions, royal marriages, and support for rebels, enhanced by the unilateral opinion system.
  • Cross-platform Multiplayer: Engage in multiplayer battles or cooperative mode with up to 32 players, featuring improved chat and matchmaking servers.
  • Customisation and Modding: Europa Universalis IV allows players to customise and modify various aspects of the game through the Steam Workshop, encouraging creativity.

Orwell is an intriguing game that immerses players in the role of a human researcher in a new governmental security program called Orwell. This program grants access to citizens’ internet activities, personal communications, and private files to uncover the culprits behind a series of terror attacks.

However, the choices made during the investigation have significant consequences. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Digital Investigation: Players scour the internet, social media, dating profiles, news articles, and blogs to trace the origin of terror attacks.
  • Intrusion into Privacy: The game delves into suspects’ private lives, allowing players to listen to chat communications, read personal emails, hack computers, access medical records, and establish connections to collect vital information.
  • Relevance Assessment: The player’s role involves determining which information is shared with security forces, shaping how suspects are perceived and treated.
  • Balancing Freedom and Security: The primary objective is to identify terrorists and ensure the safety of the nation’s citizens under the watchful gaze of the Orwell program.

What free Epic Games Store games can I get now?

There’s is still plenty of time to grab the current pair of titles in Epic’s ongoing giveaway. You’ll have until August 10th to add Loop Hero and Bloons TD 6 to your digital library.

In our Loop Hero review, Steve wrote:

If its aesthetics appeal and the gameplay style grabs you, then Loop Hero will take over your gaming life until you finish it or are drag yourself away. It reminded me strangely of the allure of Football Manager but with a more fantasy setting. The combination of auto combat and strategic choices, with resource management and settlement development on top, makes this a unique and captivating indie game.

Meanwhile, Bloons TD 6 is a tower defence game featuring balloons and monkeys. It was released in 2022 and is already on update 37. The game features:

• 23 powerful Monkey Towers, each with 3 upgrade paths and unique activated abilities.
• 14 diverse Heroes, with 20 signature upgrades and 2 special abilities. Plus, unlockable skins and voiceovers!
• 4-Player Co-Op! Play every map and mode with up to 3 other players in public or private games.
69 handcrafted maps, with more added every update.
• Monkey Knowledge! Over 100 meta-upgrades to add power where you need it.
• Powers and Insta Monkeys! Earned through gameplay, events, and achievements. Instantly add power for tricky maps and modes.

Source: Epic Games Store