Red Dead Redemption announced for Switch and PS4

Oh, and possibly, dear. If you were hyped up after all those rumours about a Red Dead Redemption remake then you are going to be disappointed as although the game has been announced it is for Switch and PS4 only. This is not a remake, this is not a 60fps 4K version for modern consoles, this is the old game but running on new consoles. Well, a ten year old console in the case of the PS4.

In fact the only thing Rockstar are highlighting as a change is “newly supported languages include, for the first time, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Latin American Spanish.”

The “conversion”, as Rockstar are calling it, has been handled by Double Eleven. There is no Xbox version as you can already play the title on Xbox One and X|S via backwards compatibility and with higher resolutions, PS5 owners can play the PS4 version but without any fancy upgrades.

The game will get a digital release on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch eShop on August 17th for $49.99 or local equivalent, with a physical release just in time for the Christmas market on October 13th. Some scamps on the internet have pointed out the original version of the game sold at $29.99.

We gave the game 10/10 when it was released way back in 2010. “Rockstar San Diego’s latest title is an unmissable game for any fan of the genre or great action adventures in general,” said our reviewer. “We don’t often get masterpieces around here, but this is certainly one of those moments in time when gamers will look back more fondly on a dusty old six shooter than anything that involves jacking cars. The Wild West, then, is the new New York, and Rockstar have got their work cut out for them if they want Grand Theft Auto V to come anywhere near close to the majesty of Red Dead Redemption. A job we don’t envy.”

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