New Marvel Snap cards for Big in Japan season

new marvel snap cards big in japan

Nuverse and developer Second Dinner have launched the Big in Japan season, with new Marvel Snap cards, deck combinations, and meta shake-ups.

new marvel snap cards big in japan

Where some of the recent Marvel Snap seasons have deliberately crossed over with movie releases (such as Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3) this one digs a little deeper in the Marvel comics lore. Specifically X-Men and Wolverine lore.

In our season summary, we’ll cover all the new Marvel Snap cards joining the roster as part of Big in Japan. We’ll also cover what’s included in the latest season pass as well as how long you have before the season ends.

New Marvel Snap cards for Big in Japan

Headlining this new Marvel Snap season is none other than Daken. If your knowledge of the Marvel universe only gravitates around the MCU then this is a character you may never have heard of. Daken is the son of Wolverine and possesses the same powers as his father. In-game there are notable similarities between the Daken and Wolverine cards, too.

At 3 energy and 4 power, Daken’s on reveal ability will add a 1/1 Muramasa Shard to your hand. If this shard is then destroyed or discarded, this will double Daken’s power. This will make him a good candidate for a variety of destroy and discard themed Marvel Snap decks. He’ll work especially well in decks where his Muramasa Shard can be duplicated to amplify its power-increasing potential. Similarly, playing multiple copies of Daken (or copying his on reveal ability) will also produce extra shards for you to experiment with.

new marvel snap cards big in japan

He isn’t the only Wolverine character coming this season:

  • Lady Deathstroke (5 energy / 3 power) – On reveal: Destroy each card here with less power than this.
  • X-23 (1 energy / 2 power) – When this is discarded or destroyed, regenerate it at a random location and you get +1 Energy next turn.
  • Silver Samurai (4 energy / 5 power) – On Reveal: each player discards the lowest-Power card from their hand.

Marvel Snap – Big in Japan Season Pass

With each new Marvel Snap season, comes a new season pass with 50 ranks to unlock. While some of the rewards are free for everyone to unlock, the majority are locked behind the season pass paywall of £9.99.

You’ll level up your pass by playing matches, though the quickest way to hit rank 50 is to focus on the new season missions as they appear. Objectives can range from destroying a set number of cards to winning locations with a certain amount of power, often forcing players to change up their decks and tactics. Maxing out the season pass will reward you with:

  • 1 Card (Daken)
  • 2,600 Credit
  • 315 Boosters
  • 1,200 Gold
  • 8 Card Variants
  • 3 Avatars
  • 3 Titles
  • 2 Card Backs

When will the current Marvel Snap season end?

Each Marvel Snap season typically lasts around 30 days with Big in Japan officially ending on September 5th, 2023. As long as you find the time to complete all season missions you can comfortably max out the season pass within that time.

Details on September’s season have been successfully datamined. The upcoming season is dubbed “Loke for All Time” and will, unsurprisingly, tie into the upcoming second season of Disney’s Loki TV show. Expect plenty of new heroes and villains and potentially some additional game features.