New Gothic Remake trailer takes a tour of Old Camp

THQ Nordic and developer Alkimia have released a new trailer for their remake of the cult classic fantasy action RPG Gothic. Alas, there’s still no indication of when the game is expected to release, but the new trailer does give us a good, atmospheric tour of Old Camp, the largest settlement in the Valley of Mines.

That’s right, it’s an “in-engine” game trailer that looks to be quite a few steps removed from actual gameplay. Faces were captured by Gate21 and motion capture was handled by MetricMinds for a trailer that’s all about building up atmosphere.

Still, it absolutely gets across the tone and scope of the game, following a pick-pocketing scoundrel as he meanders through Old Camp, opportunistically trying to pilfer coin bags from guards, angry brawlers, and even trying to sneak into people’s homes to root around. With gold in hand, it’s then off to try and spend it on placing bets at the Arena.

Just as it was when we saw a teaser trailer at last year’s THQ Nordic summer showcase, The Gothic Remake is currently in full development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and being built in the latest Unreal Engine tech.

The Gothic remake was greenlit off the back of some canny marketing by THQ Nordic, first commissioning a playable teaser that was made and released in 2019 to show what a Gothic remake might be able to offer, and then gathering what ended up being “unambiguous feedback” from fans. Off the back of this, they founded Alkimia Interactive in Barcelona specifically for the remake, and they’ve been plugging away at it ever since.

Right. Same time, same place next year, THQ?

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