Wreckreation’s new trailer is all about building tracks & racing together

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The latest trailer for Wreckreation, the next game from Three Fields Entertainment, has been released, delving into the flexibility of the game’s track creation tools.

Wreckreation takes place in MixWorld, a 400km2 open world setting that combines racing with creation. The ‘live mix’ enables you to build and alter your racing track while you’re racing on it, and even while there’s friends in the same space as you, which is exactly what this latest trailer showcases. You can drop audacious loops, ramps into the world, build up into the heavens with race track that arcs through the sky, and throw all manner of crazy props into the mix as well.

For more on this game, got to preview Wreckreation and speak to Three Fields at Gamescom last year.

Wreckreation Preview – “The age of the developer is over, the age of the player begins now”

The game is coming from Three Fields Entertainment, the studio founded by Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward after their departure from Criterion Games in 2014. The pair had led Criterion Games through the creation of their breakout hit Burnout and its sequels, as well as the shift to the Need for Speed franchise in the early 2010s, but when EA decided to downsize Criterion (a decision they eventually backtracked on), Sperry and Ward went their own way and founded Three Fields Entertainment.

Since then, they’ve been building up through a string of increasingly ambitious games, starting with the destruction-focussed Dangerous Golf, following it up with the Burnout Crash Mode-styled Danger Zone, and eventually releasing a full arcade racer Dangerous Driving in 2019. While fans will have been waiting for Dangerous Driving 2, that project has morphed into something much grander.

Wreckreation is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Soon, we hope.

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