These games will be free on Epic Games Store from August 24th

free epic games

The next free Epic Games Store titles have been confirmed ahead of their arrival. Next week, from August 24th, there will only be one free game up grabs: 2016’s sci-fi RTS, Homeworld: Desert of Kharak.

This latest free Epic Store game will be available for one week only – if you claim it before the next changeover on August 31st you can keep it, forever. Keep reading for an overview of Epic’s latest freebie as well as this week’s free offering.

What are the next free Epic Games Store games?

The Homeworld video game series is a renowned real-time strategy (RTS) franchise that focuses on epic space-based gameplay and immersive storytelling. It was originally developed by Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) and later continued by Blackbird Interactive (Hardspace: Shipbreaker). The series is known for its innovative approach to 3D space combat, its captivating narrative, and its distinct visual design. Deserts of Kharak serves a prequel to the original RTS classics, offering ground-based tactical gameplay in lieu of interstellar battles. It features:

  • Origin Story Campaign: Players uncover an anomaly in the southern desert and follow Rachel S’jet’s journey to find her people’s destiny.
  • Diverse Fleet: Control land and air vehicles, from nimble attack units to massive cruisers, each designed for desert conquest.
  • Expansive Environments: Engage in battles across vast dune seas, craters, and canyons in maps of unprecedented scale and detail.
  • Tactical Combat: Position fleets strategically for advantage and create ambushes, allowing for versatile terrestrial combat.
  • Strategic Choices: Manage resources, fleet composition, and technology research, impacting your survival chances.
  • Online Multiplayer: Compete solo or with friends in various modes, including ranked play, to become the most powerful Fleet Captain on Kharak.

Homeworld 3 is still planned for release and should arrive some time in 2024.

What free Epic Games Store games can I get now?

There’s is still plenty of time to grab the current pair of titles in Epic’s ongoing giveaway. You’ll have until August 24th to add Black Book and Dodo’s Peak to your digital game collection. One is a uniquely-themed, card-based RPG that sends you on a journey through the pages of Slavic mythology. Meanwhile, Dodo’s Peak is puzzle-filled platformer that has you navigating tricky stages to collect coins, save babies, and evade enemies. Check back in next week to find out the next batch of free Epic games.

Source: Epic Games Store