Expeditions is an exploratory MudRunner spin-off coming in 2024

Expeditions a MudRunner game

Saber and Focus have announced Expeditions, the next game in the MudRunner and SnowRunner series. Coming out in 2024, there’s a rather different tone to this game than the last.

Expeditions is really all about exploring the world, and there’s plenty of new tools and gameplay tweaks that are featured to enable this. For one thing, the drone allows for much more dynamic environment exploration, as you can scope out the landscape (and indulge in a little drone-based photography), but there’s also plenty of tools for your vehicle.

The focus seems to now be on smaller 4x4s as opposed to large trucks and transports, but even so you’ll have to make use of anchors and winches to help pull you up cliffs and out os the stickiest of situations. Meanwhile there’s things like metal detectors and echo sounders to let you scour the land.

You’ll be leading scientific expeditions into natural environments, trying to pick apart the mysteries they contain. As part of that you’ll manage your camp by building research facilities and hiring experts to get you new skills and possibilities.

After MudRunner’s breakout success, SnowRunner was a highly anticipated follow up, and Dom couldn’t help but fall in love with its mix of challenging gameplay and sense of immersion for our review.

“SnowRunner is a game thoroughly, single-mindedly, in love with the open road. It just happens that it’s the kind of love that’s bred by getting that road so thoroughly under your nails, you occasionally have to wonder whether it’s actually hate. Care, attention and time will show that SnowRunner is a passion project worth putting the extra mile in for.”

It will be interesting to see how the Expeditions spin-off takes the series forward.

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