PlayStation Portal remote play controller will cost £200, won’t stream from PlayStation cloud

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Sony has announced the price and revealed more details about PlayStation Portal, their PS5 remote play controller-with-a-screen that they announced as Project Q back in May of this year.

PlayStation Portal will launch later this year with a price point of $199.99 USD | €219.99 EURO | £199.99 GBP | ¥29,980 YEN

While it might look like an awesome PS Vita successor, this is not that. The PlayStation Portal essentially rips the DualSense controller in half and then moulds them around a central 8″ screen. That screen is capable of 1080p at 60fps, while the controller connects directly to your PS5 over WiFi to stream games on it. The controller sports everything you’d expect from a DualSense so there’s everything from haptic rumble and adaptive triggers, through to a 3.5mm headphones jack.

However, that is all that this is. While Sony has now launched a revived cloud streaming platform with PlayStation Plus Premium, you cannot stream directly to the PS Portal from Sony’s cloud. This is purely a PS5 remote play controller.

So… given how narrow the use case is, who’s looking to get one?

Source: PS Blog

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