Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster announced for consoles and PC

Star Wars Dark Forces 

Nightdive Studios have announced a remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces. If the game doesn’t ring a bell then you are probably too young to remember it as the game was released in 1995 for MS-DOS and Macintosh with a PlayStation One version following in 1996.

The game was impressive at the time because – and brace yourself for this fact – it allowed the player to look up and down! Woohoo!

The narrative of Star Wars Dark Forces  revolves around Kyle Katarn, a mercenary employed by the Rebel Alliance. Prior to the game’s unfolding events, Kyle had been preparing to pursue a career in agricultural mechanics, much like his father. However, his path took an unexpected turn when he joined the Imperial Academy. This decision stemmed from a tragic event—his parents’ alleged murder by Rebel forces—which ignited within him a deep-seated animosity towards them.

Upon completing his training at the Academy and enlisting in the Imperial Army, Kyle’s life intersected with that of Jan Ors,  a double agent aligned with the Rebel cause. Contrary to the official account that blamed Rebels for the death of Kyle’s parents, Jan revealed that it was the Empire that orchestrated their deaths. This revelation shattered Kyle’s faith in the Empire’s integrity, prompting him to defect from their ranks. His primary objective became rescuing Jan, who had been apprehended for supplying vital intelligence to the Rebels.

Their joint escape from Imperial clutches marked the beginning of their mercenary journey. United by circumstance, Kyle and Jan embarked on a path of freelancing, undertaking various assignments on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. Kyle’s burning resentment towards the Empire fuelled their dedication to the Rebel cause.

“Created in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games and fully remastered through our KEX engine, Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster supports up to 4K at 120FPS and features advanced 3D rendering, modern gamepad support, trophies and achievements, and more! ” say Nightdive Studios.

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