Deathground gets a brand new gameplay trailer

Deathground has received a brand new gameplay trailer, three years after it was originally revealed. The new trailer shows more of the dinosaur co-op survival game, which has inspiration from Jurassic Park and the Alien Isolation game. Players have to work together to get through the Deathground while avoiding the hungry dinosaurs.

As you can see in the new Deathground trailer, players will be equipped with tools such as a motion tracker to keep an eye on where the dinosaurs are. The dinosaurs themselves are unpredictable so players will never know what to really expect in each playthrough. The dinosuars will search out hiding spaces, using scent to hunt, and it appears that some dinosaurs will hunt in packs to take out player groups in one hit.

Deathground does not have a release date yet, and it is expected to release on PC.

Source: Press Release

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