Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake is coming to Switch next year

Nintendo has announced Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch, a remake of the Game Boy Advance puzzle platformer coming out on 16th February 2024.

The game rekindles the rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong, with DK enamoured with the Mini-Mario toys, but utterly unable to get one. So he takes revenge on that filthy capitalist Mario and his lack of a proper supply chain to meet demand by raiding his factory and stealing all the toys for himself.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong remakes the GBA original in 3D. Each level is a 2D puzzle in which you need to reach and retrieve a key for a door, changing which blocks are active by using coloured switches, and interacting with ropes, monkey’s tails and more to get around. You’ll also have to face off against DK as he shifts the level around him.

This updated rendition of the game is also enhanced with support for co-op to tackle the puzzles with a buddy by your side.

The last Mario vs. Donkey Kong game we reviewed was Tipping Stars, which came out on Wii U and 3DS all the way back in 2015. Dom said, “Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is an enjoyable and involving puzzle game, particularly for younger gamers, which despite its relatively short campaign has a number of tricks up its sleeve to guarantee that you’ll be returning to it many months later. The level editor is a great example of empowering players with clear and solid tools, which allow you to to work creatively and effectively without being hampered by overly complicated systems.”

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