Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss heads into open beta next week

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Polyarc has announced that the Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, their strategic spin-off from the celebrated Moss series of VR games, will be into open beta next week on 26th September across Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR – other platforms like PSVR 2 will likely be coming down the line.

The game has been in closed beta on Quest for around a month now, but the studio is now shifting gears and opening the free-to-play RTS MOBA mash-up for all, alongside a major update that adds a new Champion and makes gameplay tweaks. Meet Mojo:

Mojo is a little cutie, a robot critter that’s lost its memories and now just wants to make friends… but shooting grappling hooks at people and dragging them closer for a ‘Free Hug’. Awww.

Alongside the new character, Polyarc has made some tweaks to the gameplay, in particular the overtime rule, which now takes tower health into account when trying to decide a victor, in the name of avoiding draws – Americans really, really hate it when sports and games let you draw.

For the open beta release, they’ll also be holding a Quest for the Chest event that boosts levelling up speed on the weekly chests to help players get better goodies quicker.

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss blends together a few inspirations and ideas, with the game taking place on a hex-based board, but playing out in real time instead of turn-based. Heading into a match, you’ll pick a team of three Champions, each of which has one special ability and role, and then try to defeat your opponent.

Doing that, you’ll need to take advantage of capture points in the middle of the map to power up your team, before taking a shot at the three glass towers that your opponent is defending (and keeping your own safe in the mean time). From what we’ve seen, it’s a really interesting mix, and we look forward to going hands on with the game… well, next week!

Polyarc’s first two games were practically must-play games for VR acolytes. Moss was already great and the sequel built on everything that the original did so well. In our glowing Moss: Book 2 review, Gamoc said:

“Moss: Book 2 expands and improves on its predecessor in every way. Whether it’s the emotional attachment you develop with Quill, the surprising twists the story goes through, or the inventiveness of the combat and puzzles, Moss: Book 2 is creative in a way that delights at every turn.”

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