These games will be free on Epic Games Store from October 5th

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What are the next free Epic Games Store games? Every week Epic’s digital storefront features at least one free game, from AAA heavy hitters to hidden indie games. Logging in week after week and adding them to your library is a great way to build a backlog you can return to at quiet points of the year, or if you’re looking for that perfect palate cleanser. Want to know what’s available right now, and what’s coming next week? Carry on reading.

Epic has revealed the next Epic Games Store free game: Godlike Burger will be yours to claim from October 5th to October 12th. Make sure you log into the Epic Games Store via the official client or a web browser and simply add it to your collection to keep forever.

What is the next free Epic Games Store game?

Godlike Burger is a restaurant management sim like no other: originally released last year, it’s Diner Dash with a macabre twist, set in space!

  • Become a Murderous Chef: Players step into the shoes of a maniac chef running a space restaurant that serves burgers made from aliens. The twist? The secret ingredient is the customers themselves.
  • Daytime Gameplay: Cook delicious burgers during the day to attract different aliens. Use a meat cleaver or creative traps to eliminate customers and collect ingredients.
  • Nighttime Management: During the night, upgrade kitchen appliances, set traps, buy supplies, and concoct “secret sauces.” Manage your restaurant, relocate to different planets, or pay bribes to avoid police suspicion.
  • Cook, Kill, Manage: The game involves a cycle of cooking the best burgers, eliminating customers with traps or a meat cleaver, and managing the restaurant to increase prestige, attract more customers, and explore new planets.
  • Creative Kill Methods: Players can use hidden traps, deadly sauces, or the classic meat cleaver to eliminate customers and maintain a low police suspicion.
  • Kitchen Improvement: Improve the kitchen, discover the preferences of different alien races, and unlock the secret to the perfect burger.
  • Galactic Exploration: Explore the galaxy, encounter various alien species with unique strengths and weaknesses, and expand your restaurant’s reach.
  • Stealth and Smart Gameplay: Avoid getting caught by playing smartly. Leave no witnesses, manage police suspicion, and plan your actions carefully.
  • Nighttime Upgrades: Manage the restaurant at night by cooking new sauces, buying ingredients, and upgrading kitchen, traps, and weapons.
  • Quests and Challenges: Complete quests ranging from clogged toilets to zombie attacks, adding diverse challenges to the gameplay.

What free Epic Games Store game can I get now?

Despite its name and appearance, Soulstice isn’t a soulslike RPG in the same vein as Bloodborne, Elden Ring, or the newly-released Lies of P. It’s a more traditional action adventure with a focus on frenetic combat and dark fantasy. It received a mixed reception from media, sitting on a decent OpenCritic average score of 71.

  • Compelling Story: The game is set in the Holy Kingdom of Keidas, which faces a threat from powerful, feral beings called “Wraiths” invading from beyond the Veil. Players follow the journey of two sisters, Briar and Lute, who are reborn as Chimera, hybrid warriors with unique abilities. The sisters must protect humankind from the Wraiths and uncover the secrets of their world.
  • Dual Protagonists: Players control both sisters, Briar and Lute, simultaneously. Briar excels in melee combat with superhuman strength, while Lute possesses mystical powers. Players must master the strengths of both characters to tap into their full potential as Chimera.
  • Fantasy-Inspired World: “Soulstice” offers a visually striking fantasy world filled with hidden mysteries. Players will explore a city in ruins, facing challenging puzzles and hostile environments as they progress through the story.
  • Dynamic Combat System: The game features a diverse combat system. Players can execute melee attacks and combos with Briar while using Lute’s otherworldly abilities to control the battlefield. Combining the sisters’ strengths unlocks powerful transformational abilities.
  • Customization: Weapons can be unlocked, upgraded, and switched on the fly, allowing players to unleash stylish and devastating combo attacks. This customization adds depth to the combat experience.
  • Varied Enemies: Players will encounter different classes of enemies, including Wraiths, Corrupted, and Possessed creatures. Lute’s unique auras can be used strategically to expose or weaken these foes, ensuring that battles remain dynamic and engaging.
  • Emotional Journey: The game’s narrative explores themes of sisterly love and sacrifice as Briar and Lute discover the truth about themselves and their Chimera powers. Their unbreakable bond is central to the story, adding depth to character development.

Next up, we have a delightful oddity of a game. There has been a recent explosion of simulation titles, looking to adapt just about everything from lawn-mowing and power washing into satisfying video game experiences. Model Builder is a sim perfect for wannabe hobbyists who perhaps don’t have the time or money to kickstart their own model collection.

  • Creative Model Building: This simulation game allows players to engage in creative model building. You can cut out, assemble, paint, and customize a wide range of models, including planes, tanks, ships, figures, and more.
  • Profitable Model Sales: After creating models, you have the opportunity to sell them for profit, which enables you to expand your toolkit and create even more impressive models.
  • Story-Driven Gameplay: Players embark on a captivating journey following the footsteps of the protagonist’s grandfather, Stan, unlocking secrets of the past and taking on commissions and competitions to become a master modeling craftsman.
  • Extensive Content: “Model Builder” promises hours of gameplay with numerous models to choose from and unlock. Post-release updates are expected to bring even more content to the game.
  • Detailed Assembly: The game provides a step-by-step assembly process for models, allowing players to experience the satisfaction of snipping out model parts and putting them together.
  • Wide Array of Tools: Players have access to a variety of tools for precise model assembly and finishing touches. As you progress, you can unlock new tools to enhance your modeling skills.
  • Creative Freedom: You can choose to follow the provided model brief or customize your models to your liking. With a wide selection of paint options, including airbrush tools and decals, you can personalize your creations.
  • PhotoBooth Mode: After completing your model, you can use the PhotoBooth mode to set scenes, arrange your models against different backgrounds, add effects, and enhance the presentation. Sharing your work on social media is also supported.

Epic has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons this past week, having announced mass layoffs. As always, our thoughts are with those affected.

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