What We Played #623 – Forza Motorsport, AC Mirage & RoboCop

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Another somewhat worryingly warm week is coming to a close, so it’s time to check in on the video games that we’ve been playing. First and foremost in my own gaming time has been Forza Motorsport, which toes the line between reinvention and continuation for Turn 10’s Xbox counterpart to Gran Turismo. It’s a game that I’m looking forward to seeing grow over time, that’s for sure.

Forza Motorsport Corvette GT3 cockpit wheel

Aside from that, I got to share some thoughts on getting my wiggle on for WarioWare: Move It!, and then the much, much more cerebral The Talos Principle 2.

Gamoc gets us underway this week, with his usual adventuring through Baldur’s Gate 3 joined by Trepang2 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage for reviews. AC Mirage sounds like a real return to the classic form of the open world sneaky stab ’em up series, for better and for worse!

AC Mirage smoke bomb

Still trying to get caught up on the series before the new games come out, Aran has been playing more of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but he also just did Sandbox VR in London for his birthday – happy birthday! – played Seekers of the Shard Dragonfire, and went to get a drink at a robot bar, which sounds nice and futuristic.

Nic B has returned from Japan (for non-gaming reasons) to drop some thoughts on us about Monster Hunter Now. Can it be a real Pokémon Go challenger? Well, it needs some quality of life improvements, but “Fortunately, the Niantic Tokyo team behind the game seem very receptive to feedback at this early stage, so I’m hopeful that there will be improvements in the coming weeks and months!”

Has Tuffcub been playing Destiny 2? Well conventional wisdom would say yes, but in actual fact he’s been enjoying the Dead Space remake: “It’s very good, although I can still see the PS3 game mechanics and limitations behind all the polish, like never having more than a couple of enemies on screen.”

Dead Space Necromorph

Nick P’s been sinking some more time into FC24’s Clubs mode, but he’s also got Star Trek: Infinite on the go for a review, and dipped into the RoboCop demo that’s just recently released onto Steam.

And Steve stages and intervention on himself by uninstalling Lies of P before he started a third playthrough – “Absolutely loved my time with it and whilst not quite up there with Bloodborne overall, it’s certainly a worthy companion piece to From’s best.” With his freshly freed gaming time, he played the wonderful looking Cocoon, and dipped into demo’s for Another’s Crab’s Treasure, which is “a 2D platformer Soulslike which promises to do to Sebastien what Lies of P did for Pinocchio.”

Now then, what have you been playing this week?

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