How to get the Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 is not a game that really holds your hand through many of its puzzles, and even early on, there’s a few head-scratchers that might have you stumped for a little while. A pretty important one is getting a hold of the shotgun after Saga Anderson fights her first Cultist (and survives).

Spoiler Warning: There’s some early game story spoilers for Alan Wake 2, but we’re going to wade right in and assume that you’re on this page because you’re stuck at or around this point! If you aren’t at this point yet, then maybe stop reading here?

Alan Wake 2 Where is the Shotgun?

Where is the Shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

The two-barrelled shotgun is found at the abandoned minimart in the Cauldron Lake area. You’ll head into the building while on the trail of Nightingale, specifically when you’re looking for his heart.

The Shotgun can be found in a display case on the wall of the room with the heart in it, but the case is shut with a number lock and clue to consult “Lady Fortuna at the counter”. That’s the payment counter by the busted open entrance with some notes jotted down by the till.

Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Padlock

How to solve the Shotgun number lock

This is where you’ll have to apply a little bit of logic. Looking at the three viewable bits of paper, you’ll see on with several numbers scratched out – 705, 713, 717, 723 (which was already on the lock) – and a reminder to keep changing the lock’s number.

The next number in the sequence isn’t written down, but you do have a lottery ticket and a fileofax with some numbers that might have been used as inspiration.

Can you see any numbers that might follow on from 723?

OK, just tell me the answer already!

It’s a bit of a logical leap, but on the lottery ticket, you see a long number string 05 13 17 23 39 45. ‘723’ is in the middle of that, but there’s no other number in the 700s. The jump is to realise that it’s always going to be a 700 number appended by this lottery ticket entry, so that we’re just looking for a pair of digits after 23. On the lottery ticket, those are 39.

The combination lock code is 739.

Enjoy your new shotgun!

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