What We Played #627 – Alan Wake 2, WarioWare: Move It! & WRC

EA Sports WRC Hyundai i20 Rally1 header

Just because storms Babet and Ciarán have made it rather prudent to stay indoors and play video games as much as possible this past week doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping active. In fact, not since Ring Fit Adventure’s heyday have I swung my arms around around or done quite so many squats as when playing WarioWare: Move It! Sure, it’s a bit ropey with its motion controls, but it was fun playing with friends last weekend.

Moving on to the rest of the team and Aran kicks things off for us this week, having played a healthy dose of Football Manager 2024 for review, as well as the sci-fi adventure The Invincible. “Both very different but very good games. If you like a bit of philosophical sci-fi then The Invincible is for you. If you’re more intent on your football philosophy then FM24 is for you.”

“So sci-fi if I like sci-fi and football if I like football?” asked Gamoc, who then found a third option of Spider-Man 2 if you like spiders, picking up this latest PS5 exclusive blockbuster to play alongside yet more of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield.

Ade played through RoboCop for review, “which was not the best”, but Thirsty Suitors was much better. With those in the books, he moved swiftly on to Horizon: Forbidden West, which he’s enjoying much more – “particularly Aloy’s insane hair physics!”

Steve had a quiet week by his standards, with You Will Die Here Tonight and Stray Souls for reviews, and carried on with a little bit of Like A Dragon Ishin from Game Pass. He’s only got a few hours of Alan Wake 2 under his belt though, so that’s going to be his main priority for this weekend.

Alan Wake 2 - Saga Combat

Speaking of Alan, Nick P has been playing more and more of Alan Wake 2. He’s currently on his second run through for collectables and trying to figure out some narrative twists, but the game is his firm GOTY choice. Oh gods…. it’s almost GOTY season, isn’t it?

Not playing Alan Wake 2 was Nic B, because he and his wife have been ill all week. He’s been waiting 13 years, so what’s another few days? Instead they’ve been playing Two Point Hospital to make light of their illness, and he got to make a start on Persona 5 Tactica for us, which you can read about here.

While he is still playing a bit of Destiny 2 (like, ten minutes of it), the game’s current barren spell has Tuffcub exploring other gaming avenues. Route 66, “which is just weird”, Dead Island 2, “which is more of the same”, and he’s now intrigued by Thirsty Suitor, “because it looks fab-u-lous!”

Miguels mixed together some classic Helldivers with a bunch of Dave the Diver – the cinema double feature theme here would be “divers” – as well as his usuals of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and now a pinch of Spider-Man 2!

Rounding things out, Dom has been all about the racing games this week, rampaging through the countryside in EA Sports WRC, and then through fantasy worlds in Dreamworks All-Star Kart Racing. The former is certainly the better game, though let down by a few technical foibles, whether on PC or console.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Played the Alan Wake Remaster, but had to stop before doing a rage quit. Didn’t like the awkward controls from the beginning, and the difficulty spikes quite early on made clear the game design here is not good enough to waste my time on it. Also deleted Alan Wake 2 from my wish list, I don’t feel like giving a 2nd chance here.

    Played some Rocket League in between, which is fun, but I’m so bad at this game, it makes my kids laugh a lot.

    Then I ordered EA Sports FC 24 for my son in a sale, so the struggle for time with my console will get worse over the next days and weeks…

  2. I’ve been enjoying more of Control since i adjusted the difficulty, I also grabbed a couple of games ion sale, both of which i had played previously but are worth another playthrough, especially when discounted – Resogun and Titanfall 2.

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