The Texas Chain Saw Massacre patch brings a few fixes

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre November 7th patch has been detailed Gun Media, with some fixes and changes coming to the game. These fixes include stopping players crouching into the blue car at the gas station, and fixing pixelated textures where skins are not loading properly on all of the platforms.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre patch notes

  • Fixed: Nicotero Leatherface’s Interaction Audio

    • We have fixed an issue where Nicotero Leatherface’s audio defaulted back to the original chainsaw sound during scripted interactions

  • Fixed: Nicotero Leatherface’s Chain Saw Dance Audio

    • We have fixed an issue where Nicotero Leatherface’s Chain Saw Dance audio defaulted back to the standard chainsaw audio instead

  • Fixed: Gas Station Car Exploit

  • We have fixed an exploit where players could crouch into the blue car near the tool shed on the Gas Station map
  • Players will no longer be able to enter the car
  • Fixed: Pixelated Textures

    • We have fixed an issue causing textures on skins to not load properly on some platforms

  • Changed: Player Levels in Lobbies

    • Player levels will now be hidden in lobbies

  • Changed: Party Icons in Lobbies

  • Players who are partied up will no longer display party icons in lobbies
  • Party icon is no longer displayed in the player list, scoreboard, and match results

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review

In our Texas Chainsaw Massacre review, Steve wrote, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a fantastic homage to the original film and really shines in its general presentation, but the gaming experience itself proves to be a frustrating one. Combine an increasingly toxic community and the prevalence of cheaters with a distinct lack of maps and variety and you have a game that may well struggle to succeed in competition with the many other titles in the asymmetrical horror genre. To paraphrase the tagline to the movie – will this game survive and what will be left of it?”

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