Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer confirmed for December 2023

UPDATE: Rockstar have confirmed the leak and announced a trailer will launch next month!

You may have noticed they refer to “the next Grand Theft Auto” and not GTA 6. Could this be a sign that they are dropping the numbering system and using a subtitle.. like Vice City?

Original story below…

Bloomberg’s has been talking to his shadowy sources again and has announced that Grand Theft Auto VI (or GTA 6 to it’s mates) will be officially announced in the very future, possibly as early as next week.  He also states that a trailer for the game will launch in December “to celebrate Rockstar’s 25th anniversary.”

In May 2023 CEO of Take-Two Interactive,  Strauss Zelnick, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the companies upcoming financial predictions which include making eight billion dollars in its 2025 fiscal year.  The only Take-Two game capable of making that amount is Grand Theft Auto VI, so it seems like the game will be out before March 2025. As Rockstar usually trail at GTA game for at least a year to build hype  so a reveal around now would be in line with past actions.

Development on GTA 6 suffered a blow when a hacker stole over 90 from Rockstar Games’ internal communication networks. They confirmed that the game will take players to a modern Vice City, that there will be a series first female protagonist, alongside at least one other, and showed some NPC interactions, strip clubs and more.

As part of an investigations supported by the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unite, the City of London Police confirmed the arrest of a 17-year-old from Oxfordshire a week after the hack. US-based reporter Matthew Keys  added to the initial report to say that this was indeed an arrest of the suspected hacker behind the GTA 6 leak and Uber hack, and has come in collaboration with the FBI.

In the end a London Jury found that  18-year-old Arion Kurtaj released the leaked gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto VI having previously threatened Rockstar Games with the leak.  In a rather British twist he released the videos from a Travelodge hotel.

Source: Bloomberg

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