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The first thing you need to know about Invincible Presents: Atom Eve is that it’s not part of the canon of either the comics or the show. It is its own standalone story arc that might draw on some events that will be familiar to those who have engaged with Invincible content before, but can be enjoyed separately as a blend of visual novel and turn-based combat.

Atom Eve features 10 episodes, each of which lasts around 20 to 30 minutes and the direction of each depends on the choices you make as Eve. The layout of each episode generally follows the pattern of speaking to people, choosing where to go on the map, and fighting various villains. While the overall arc seems to lead to the same events, how you get there and the relationships forged will shape the dialogue and the scenes you do encounter. It allows for additional playthroughs to change up the dialogue, or to catch events on the map that you missed, but one playthrough takes approximately five hours.

As you complete each encounter, Atom Eve gains experience which allows you to unlock skills and attribute boosts across three different paths. The Empathy path grants abilities that stun enemies in battle while additional dialogue options in some conversations. The Creator path focuses on Eve’s powers to manipulate things and her defences, while the Firebrand path is all about Eve’s combat abilities. There are additional abilities that unlock at certain stages should you reach certain points on two upgrade paths. I focused on unlocking everything in the Empathy pathway along with some of the abilities in Creator, with that focus on one path having both advantages and disadvantages. You will get good buffs and more powerful abilities but will lack in others. For example, going this route meant I had no attacks that could target multiple enemies at once, which can make some encounters more difficult than necessary.

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The combat of Atom Eve is turn based with combat events rotating around the characters on screen. Initially, Atom Eve has the ability to create a shield, glue enemies, punch enemies, and unleash a ray attack. Each action costs action points. For example, a shield costs two points whereas a punch costs one. Punches are okay attacks, but the best move that Eve has is her ray, the power of which depends on the amount of points Eve has. It is a move that depletes all of Eve’s action points, so prepping defence a turn before is one of the best strategies to allow for maximising its strength.

In some encounters, Eve will only face off against one opponent while others there will be groups. In addition, there will be other things to focus on such as securing an element of the environment. Some battles only have a set number of turns before a game over. The battles are fun and do have some good amount of depth to them, as you work out the best approaches to beat each enemy, while the wrong approach will see them beat you. Occasionally other heroes will provide Eve with assists, but the majority of battles are Eve alone against adversaries.

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The story of Invincible Presents: Atom Eve certainly went in some directions I wasn’t expecting, though there are elements that will not be surprising to those who have seen the show or read the comics – those are moments that are likely to be key events that would not change in any adaptation of Invincible. It is well written providing more exposure to a powerful foe as well as a decent secondary story closer to Eve’s daily life. The game could have explored a bit more of Eve’s backstory for those who are not familiar with it, since it is alluded to quite a lot, though this could act as a gateway to the rest of the setting.

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve is a fun blend of visual novel and combat, with a decent and well-written story and very good artwork alongside. The combat is good too and the whole package really adds to Invincible lore, even if it is not canon.
  • Well written standalone story
  • Good combat mechanics
  • Artwork is very well done
  • A bit more depth to Eve’s own past would have been good
  • Some events will be predicable to Invincible fans
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