What We Played #630 – Persona 5 Tactica, American Arcadia & Alan Wake 2

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I kind of miss the days where Black Friday was just one day of over-the-top sales and discounts. Back in the early 2010s, the US shopping bonanza was just finding its way across the pond and that’s pretty much all it was. Then we had Cyber Monday tacked onto the end, and then shops started their sales a week or two before the day, and now, as we sit through actual Black Friday, there’s just not much excitement to see what’s on offer… because it’s all been on sale for the last week.

But that’s kind of beside the point, because this is about the games we’ve played the past week. For me, I had a sideways run through American Arcadia, and thoroughly enjoyed the game’s twist on The Truman Show, by injecting it with a much more 2020s style of TV-based dystopia.

American Arcadia Trevor

Jason went away last weekend, but ever since the Game Boy, that hasn’t really meant needing to cut down on gaming time. These days, it’s Steam Decks, though, and he’s made a fresh start on Astral Ascent, and has been enjoying The Last Faith, “which is a very cool Soulslike that feels a bit like Bloodborne in 2D.”

Having completed Baldur’s Gate 3 this week, Gamoc blasted through the rest of Control, platinumed Spider-Man 2, played some of Modern Warfare 3, started Alan Wake Remastered and restarted Divinity: Original Sin 2 with his sister. Then… he also restarted Baldur’s Gate 3 on his own, because you just can’t keep him away.

Alan Wake 2 - Saga Combat

Someone who was kept away was Nic B, and the thing he was being kept away from was his PS5 and Alan Wake 2. He’s been having “a great time sinking back into the psychodrama that is the Remedy Extended Universe”, but the game is a bit buggy for him…

Aran’s been playing Worldless for review, so you should keep an eye out for his review next week, while Ade turned in his review for Flashback 2 – “Urgh. Do not buy it! It’s freaking atrocious!” – and cleansed his palate with Spider-Man 2.

Nick P thinks he’s getting toward the end of Final Fantasy 16, and using Persona 5 Tactica for a change of pace, while Steve rounds things out for this week with his typically varied gaming. There was Valfaris Mecha Therion for a review (and some things he can’t talk about yet), while he’s also been making more progress with the main story of Like a Dragon: Ishin, and filling up his backlog even more by grabbing some cheap games from Black Friday sales.

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. This week I finished playing through Spider-Man Miles Morales. It was good and had a perfect length, more games should be like that. And, to be honest, much more button mashing I would not have been able to take, my thumbs hurt enough already.

    Then, we had a go at It takes two, and although it was fun playing it with my son, I feel the game is overrated quite a bit.

    The rest of the week I was tempted to scan Black Friday offers, and thought about whether our household would need a second PS5 (so far I managed to resist, but my son is gaming on my console right now…).

  2. Since I actually remembered to do this for a change (it’s been a while)…

    Lots of Diablo 4 still. And Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which is wonderfully silly.

    And Talos Principle 2, which is just the right level of difficulty. Puzzles that escalate quickly every time they introduce new things, until you get annoyed and go and do something else, before coming back and solve it straight away because the solution was really, really obvious. And it also looks rather nice too.

    Oh, and was there some sort of Black Friday thing that seems to cover all of November now? Was there a deal on a steering wheel and a stand to attach it to? Did I save £100 on all that? Did it take ages to assemble the bloody thing? Did I then realise that driving with a wheel and pedals is quite different to using a controller? Does it make GT7 even more fun in VR?

    Clearly the answer to all those questions is yes. They were metaphorical questions, or something like that.

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