Songs of Silence has been given a release window of Spring 2024

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Songs of Silence, the very nice looking 4X strategy game, has a release window of Spring 2024. The announcement came from Chimera Entertainment, along with a new trailer that revealed the factions of the game. Those three factions are the Firstborn, the Starborn, and the Crusade. The trailer gives a look of each of those factions.

As you can see in the trailer, there is a mix of building up cities and going off to war against the enemy factions. The Crusade seems to be the evil faction that wants to sacrifice everything to the void and bring silence to the world. The other two seem to want to hold the Crusade back. Each has their own cards too that can be played in battles and the overworld, impacting how a faction progresses.

Songs of Silence is repainting the RTS genre in gorgeous technicolour

In our preview of Songs of Silence, Dom wrote, “While Songs of Silence looks beautiful, the team at Chimera Entertainment knew that they had to have audio that could match it, drafting in the legendary skills of Valkyria Chronicles and Final Fantasy Tactics composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. The beautiful orchestral melodies we heard during our hands on were testament to that, and reflected the onscreen action and drama perfectly. Between the audio and the visuals it feels as though Songs of Silence is an experiential piece of artistic expression as much as it is a game of tactics and strategy. That remains absolutely remarkable, even taken within the continuing and unyielding drive for creativity in gaming as a whole.That link to Valkyria Chronicles is perhaps the most prescient. There too we had a game whose painterly visuals set it apart as much as its unique reworking of its genre’s expectations, and just like Sega’s iconic title it feels as though Songs of Silence could be a perfect reimagining of the RTS, built with care, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to forging its own memorable path into player’s minds.”

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