GTA 6 screens and details leak via the friend of a son of a Rockstar employee

GTA 6 leak

Oh, and indeed dear, someone is going to be on Santa’s naughty list.  That young chap is the friend of the son of  Aaron Garput, co-studio head and art director at Rockstar North, and he’s been busy posting screenshots and videos of GTA6 on his TikTok account.

The very soon to be ex-friend also posted details about the maps but also stated he “can only show so much for legal reasons”.  It’s nice that he has some grasp of how an NDA works but perhaps he should have read his a little better.

His TikTok has account has been wiped of content but the videos and screens are now out on Twitter and other platforms. We will not be reposting the videos and pictures but I’m sure you all know how to use Google.

The official reveal of “the next” GTA will be this Tuesday December 5th at 2pm BST.

Source: ResetEra

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