Watch the first GTA 6 trailer now – coming out in 2025

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The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has been officially released early after Rockstar reacted to a leak late last night on Twitter. You can watch the full GTA 6 trailer now, with character and story reveals, and the confirmation of a 2025 release window for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Grand Theft Auto VI takes us all back to Vice City for another crime story. The trailer introduces us to Lucia, the series’ first female protagonist, as well an as-yet-unnamed male counterpart. Lucia seemingly starts off the game getting out of prison after a bit of “bad luck”

It’s clearly a modern day setting in the fictionalised state of Leonida, with a handful of things like social media shown in the trailer, but that won’t stop there being plenty of iconic classic cars and inspirations from the breadth of American culture in the South East of the country and Florida in particular. From packed beaches to going across the swamps on hover craft, and partying at the tops of skyscrapers, there’s also jokes thrown into the trailer about battling crocodiles in back garden swimming pools, “Floridaman” antics – Leonidaman in the game – and plenty more.

It’s a compelling setting, and within that, our two protagonists are trying to carve out a new crime-filled life for themselves amidst the chaos. Theirs looks to be a modern day Bonnie and Clyde kind of deal.

There’s a good long while still to go before the game’s release, with the trailer confirming that we definitely won’t see GTA 6 coming out before 2025.

There’s naturally been a huge and growing amount of hype and excitement for Grand Theft Auto VI, as fans wait for a full sequel to the last game, which first came out in 2013. GTA 5 has been a cornerstone of gaming ever since then, thanks to the wild popularity of GTA Online’s sprawl of game modes and options. It’s this that has continuously filled Take Two’s coffers each quarter, and the main reason why GTA 5 wasn’t just ported from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One, but also had a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release as well.

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  1. 2025? That’s hilarious! Rockstar released GTA V on PS3 and since than they’ve been sidetracked by all the money they can make with the online portion.
    That they are finally working on a new game is nice and all but given their focus on milking whales i’m in no rush to be excited.

    • It’ll be great, and I’m sure it’ll look spectacular – I would guess though that the online stuff will be just as focused on bringing as much cash in as before.

    • I dunno, I think they’re trying to be realistic and avoid ending up delaying the game two or three times. You also can’t forget that RDR2 was in 2018, after a full year’s delay, and coming 5 years after GTA V’s first release. That was a full Rockstar Studios effort as well, and game dev cycles are getting longer across the board, especially if you want to avoid all the headlines and bad press about excessive crunch again. GTA Online skews the priorities and timeline, but that just amps up some of the pressure to make sure it’s good enough to last a generation as well.

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