Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Yuki’s Wish & Zagan’s Ritual Review

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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew marks the end of an era, as the final game from Mimimi Games that mixes a fun pirate story with the culmination of the studio’s experience in crafting deep tactical gameplay. Thankfully, given the suddenness of the decision to shut down the studio, they’re able to say farewell to their fans with two pieces of substantial DLC. Combined, these add two new characters, two new islands, and new powers to use.

The two DLCs are called Yuki’s Wish and Zagan’s Ritual, relating to the two new characters that star within. Both DLCs are individually priced at $14.99, but bring a good chunk of new gameplay and missions

Yuki is a Corsair with Japanese heritage, and is joined by her racoon Kuma. Yuki’s playstyle is based on setting traps for enemies, with Kuma being an integral part to this. One trap is the Tripwire that will instantly kill the first enemy that walks into it, except for Prognosticars since they can counter any one on one attack. Kuma then has a skill called Tanuki Parade that lures enemies towards him. Using this in conjunction with Yuki’s skills allows the pair to take down enemies including Kindred with relative ease, and is a satisfying strategy to pull off.

Yuki’s mission revolves around an island that keeps moving, and legend has it as dragon sleeps below its waves, ready to grant a wish to those who complete its challenge. The new island is Dragon’s Dream and just like the other islands, The Inquisition already has a foothold there, so you have the challenge of beating them again.

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Much like the base game, you will be tasked with hopping around islands to complete the objectives. In the case of Yuki’s Wish you need to find some statues and get them back to Dragon’s Dream. It is a lot of carrying and escorting, but there is also a moment where you are tasked to wipe out a whole garrison. Luckily, when Yuki takes out an enemy they turn into a block of wood so you don’t have to worry about hiding bodies.

The second DLC is Zagan’s Ritual, adding another new character with a background you would not expect. Zagan is a Prognosticar, member of the Inquisition and usually a high value target. However, Zagan is someone who likes to experiment, shot himself with a Black Pearl, and sent himself to the side of the undead. That has not stopped him from experimenting in this life, and he reaches out to the crew of the Red Marley. Part of the reason is help with experiments, while the other is maybe help with the fight against the Inquisition – the price Zagan has paid by becoming a part of the Undead is that he has lost the protection his position once afforded him.

Shadow Gambit Zagan's Ritual gameplay

Zagan’s powers are used to take enemies out too, but do make him vulnerable at times as well. His powers include the Catatonic Grip which immobilises guards, turning them catatonic. Another power is Dark Excision and this holds an enemy then kills them after a short time. Using this power costs Zagan a health point. Hedron of Constriction lets Zagan hold enemies in place for an unlimited time and unnoticed, but while this move is active Zagan cannot move.

Both DLCs are very good additions to Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, but of the two I feel that Yuki’s Wish just edges it entertainment and narrative. Yuki and Kuma are a great pairing and fit into the overall crew well. Of course, Zagan is an interesting character to use too as he is not quite like any other character, offering a unique approach. Yuki can play similarly to Toya in a way.

Alongside the paid content is a final update that adds Treasure Hunts as an endgame skill-testing challenge. There’s 14 distinct new Treasure Hunt missions, each with different twists and objectives to challenge yourself against.

Yuki's Wish and Zagan's Ritual are two good pieces of DLC that adds to the overall lore and gameplay of Shadow Gambit. Both provide quite a few additional hours of content, with six missions each, plus their badges to earn too. If I were to pick one of the two to go with first it would be Yuki's Wish.
  • Both characters are great additions to the crew
  • The new locations offer new challenges
  • The gameplay retains its sense of tactical fun
  • Zagan is an interesting character, but could be a bit too tough to use
  • This is the last thing Mimimi will make...
Yuki's Wish DLC - 9
Zagan's Ritual DLC - 7
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