Free to play multiplayer FPS The Finals available now on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S

The fast paced and highly destructive free to play multiplayer shooter The Finals, has been released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The launch trailer captures how fast paced the game appears to be with a lot of destruction in the environment, with people crashing through windows, walls, and ceilings. Season 1 brings with it the map of Las Vegas, and you can see the full patch notes below.

The Finals can be downloaded at the following links.

The Finals 1.2.0 update patch notes

New Content

Content Updates

  • New ways to express yourself in the arena! Such as:

    • Reload and Inspect animations

    • Emoticons

    • Gestures

    • Pets (!!!)

    • Sounds

    • Watches

    • More? Yes, more!

  • The Store is open and you’ll have access to an ever-changing selection of content to make your contestants pop in the arena.

  • The Season 1 BattlePass contains 12 pages of unlockable rewards.

    • That amounts to 96 exclusive rewards

    • 29 rewards can be earned for free!

    • Unlock the whole BattlePass to receive a total of 1575 Multibucks!

  • Play and progress, master your loadout with:

    • 6 Mastery Levels per weapon

    • 6 Mastery Levels per gadget

    • 5 levels per ability

New Features

  • New Map Las Vegas

    • Test your luck and reach for the stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena

  • New Map variants:

    • Don’t get lost in stinging sands! Seek shelter and glory in this Las Vegas map variant: Sandstorm.

    • Tripwires & turrets: The environment can work for or against you. Traverse Vegas but watch your step, around every corner could be a trap.

  • New event: Alien invasion

    • You’ll have to see this one to believe it. It’s outta this world!

Gameplay Changes & balance

Movement & Animation

  • Movement

    • Made multiple updates to vaulting responsiveness and general smoothness when traversing

    • Updated various first-person animations to better sync with footsteps

    • Improvements to syncing and stability when players are on moving surfaces such as elevators, sky-lifts, cranes, and moving platforms

    • Improved speed-matching and added in-air animations when coining other contestants

    • General polish updates to third-person locomotion

  • Combat Animations

    • Stabilized the camera for aim down sight reloads and bolt actions, for easier tracking of targets

    • Updated jumping and zipline animations when aiming down sights

    • Added third-person reaction animations for Flashbangs, Gas, and Fire.

    • Reworked the animations for the Charge’N’Slam specialization


  • General

    • Added sensitivity scaling based on zoom FOV

  • Aim Assistance

    • Added better support and various improvements for sensitivity dampening on targets

    • Updated default aim down sights sensitivity reduction

    • Reduced zoom snapping active duration

  • Controller Vibration

    • Settings added

  • Controller Settings

    • Added setting to allow players to further customize their controller experience

    • Added separate dead zones for the different analog sticks


  • All

    • Finally, the wrecking ball is back! Check the cranes.

  • Monaco

    • Improved readability of map border

  • Skyway Stadium

    • Added ‘Evening’ environment condition


  • Charge’N’Slam

    • Updated damage of the ground slam so that it will break floors in buildings more consistently

  • Cloaking Device

    • Rebalanced fade-in/out durations to make it harder to vanish mid-combat

    • Added fade-in/out visual effect

  • Grapple Hook

    • Fixed a bug where players could become stuck when grappling during a vault

  • Recon Senses

    • Reduced the total fuel, shortening the max duration

    • Fixed an issue where Recon Senses would trigger on enemy statues


  • General

    • Updated bullet dispersion system on all weapons when aiming down sights

    • Fixed various issues where weapons could fire infinitely or not at all

    • Fixed an issue where Gadgets could become stuck in an infinite cooldown

    • Added a new hitmarker to crosshairs for damage over time effects

  • AKM

    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly less easy to control

  • FCAR

    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly easier to control

  • Flamethrower

    • Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower could be fired without consuming ammo

    • Max range reduced by 60 cm

    • Fire rate reduced to 160 RPM from 180 RPM

    • Adjusted Flamethrower impact effects to make them less blinding for the target player

    • Reduced damage to 28 from 31

  • Lewis Gun

    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly easier to control

  • LH1

    • Increased bullet dispersion when firing from the hip

    • Updated recoil pattern, making the weapon easier to control

    • Fire rate reduced to 300 RPM from 400 RPM

    • Increased LH1 damage from 41 to 45

  • M60

    • Updated recoil pattern, making it slightly less easy to control

  • Riot Shield

    • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield could block bullets while the player was emoting

  • Throwing Knives

    • Introduced Throwing Knives to the Light archetype

  • V9S

    • Magazine size reduced to 20 from 24

    • Updated recoil pattern, making the weapon less easy to control

    • Increased damage fall-off to make the weapon less effective at long-range


  • General

    • Fixed an issue where Gadgets could become stuck in an infinite cooldown

  • C4

    • Increased health from 5 to 25

  • Defibrillators

    • Added ability for defibrillators to damage enemy players. They will do 50 damage and will enter cooldown if they land a successful hit

  • Gas Mine

    • Added trigger audio effect

  • Glitch Grenade

    • Fuse time increased from 1.1s to 1.8s, giving it more range

  • Night Vision

    • Removed Night Vision from the game, to be reworked in a future update

  • Sonar Grenade

    • Radius reduced from 17.5m to 10m

    • Updated the crosshair hit marker that appears when the Sonar Grenade detects targets

  • Stun Gun

    • Removed sensitivity reduction from stunned players

    • Added glitch effect to stunned players, rendering their Specialization and Gadgets unusable for a short time

  • Tactical Breach

    • Increased health from 5 to 25

  • Vanishing Bomb

    • Introduced Vanishing Bomb gadget to the Light archetype

  • Zipline

    • Added line break effect to Ziplines

Source: The Finals website

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