Insomniac hackers release Wolverine, more Marvel games and new IP details

wolverine release date
wolverine release date

Details of Insomniac’s future games have been released online amidst a major data breach at the company, revealing further games based around Marvel characters, timing of the next Ratchet & Clank game, and when the studio will next look to build out a new IP.

This has come after a ransomware group attacked Insomniac in recent weeks, attempting to hold a trove of sensitive data about the studio’s work, its employees and the company in general hostage in exchange for a payout.

Following a proof-of-hack release last week, Sony issued a statement to VGC saying, “We are aware of reports that Insomniac Games has been the victim of a cyber security attack. We are currently investigating this situation. We have no reason to believe that any other SIE or Sony divisions have been impacted.”

Sony clearly hasn’t paid up, as Cyber Daily is now reporting that the hacker group has released over 1.3 million files and 1.67TB of data, including everything from internal screenshots of in-development games, to employment documentation, internal HR documents, and even scans of passports. There’s apparently  a bootable version of Wolverine included, as well. This is reportedly 98% of the stolen data, with the remaining 2% seemingly having been sold to someone.

Amongst this are the studio’s future plans from a presentation deck made in July 2023.

With the recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there was a curious statement by Tony Todd, the famous horror actor who lent his voice to the character of Venom, stating that only around 10% of his recordings had been used. It seems that a Venom game spin-off is in the works for late 2025 that would explain that statement, likely something to the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game that launched in 2020 in scope. This would then lead into the development of Spider-Man 3 for Fall 2028 – likely an early PS6 game.

We also already know about a Wolverine game that’s in the works – it was first announced in 2021, alongside Spider-Man 2 – and this is expected in late 2026. It turns out this is the start of a new trilogy… an X-Men trilogy. There’s the publishing agreement within the data that allows Sony to make three games with X-Men characters. The second game in this trilogy is scheduled for 2030.

Insomniac is all aboard the Marvel train for a good long time, but that’s not all they are planning to make. A new Ratchet & Clank game is in the works, but you’ve got a hell of a wait, as it’s only expected to release in Fall 2029, a whopping eight years on from R&C: Rift Apart.

The studio then expects to be able to pivot toward new IP, expected to release in 2031/32, though this is obviously so far away that there’s no way of knowing if it will stick, and there’s absolutely no hints of what it could be.

While it’s obviously a little bit exciting to see what one of the most reliable and consistent Sony studio is up to – they’ve had an amazing track record and delivered three great games early in the PS5 generation – the overriding feeling is one of sympathy for everyone at Insomniac. Yes, games got leaked, which has ruined the planned big reveals and surprises, but there’s a very human impact here as people’s personal data is now readily available to those that want to pry. That really, really sucks, and we hope that Sony is putting all of the necessary efforts and provisions in place to assist their employees past and present who are affected by this.

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