Firewall Ultra developer First Contact Entertainment is closing down

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Firewall Zero Hour and Firewall Ultra developer First Contact Entertainment is the latest studio to announce its closure. The studio is exclusively focused on AAA VR games, but has cited the lack of support and high expenses as the reasons for closing down. First Contact Entertainment first opened its doors 8 years ago.

In a statement, the studio said, “After almost 8 years of working with the most amazing team I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of, I’m sad to announce that we will be closing our company First Contact Entertainment by the end of the year. The lack of support within the industry for VR has eventually taken its toll. As a AAA VR developer, we are just not able to justify the expense needed going forward. We are a team of innovators willing to push new technologies to its limits. I am extremely proud of the team and grateful to our investors, our partners, and of course our community of dedicated and passionate players. It’s been a wild ride. Thank you.”

First Contact Entertainment’s closure comes just four days after releasing patch 1.13 for Firewall Ultra, which brought the first, and now last, seasonal operation event to the game. It is called Operation Bloodline. This added a new operator called Ruby, as well as the new SMG weapon the Sten. This update followed patch 1.12 which released in early December adding new maps to Firewall Ultra.

While we did not review Firewall Ultra, we did review its predecessor Firewall Zero Hour, scoring it 9/10 in our review. “Firewall: Zero Hour is essential for PlayStation VR owners,” said Jim. “Despite this being First Contact’s debut game, it flawlessly executes on what the studio set out to do: to create PSVR’s first must-have multiplayer shooter. It may even sway some of those yet to purchase one of Sony’s high-tech headsets.”

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