PlayStation Plus January 2024 monthly games have been confirmed

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The PlayStation Plus monthly games for January 2024 has been confirmed by Sony. These monthly games are the games that are available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers, regardless of membership tier.

What are the PS Plus January 2024 games?

As always there are three games on offer through the month, available from the first Tuesday, 2nd January.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5)
  • Evil West (PS5|PS4)
  • Nobody Saves The World (PS5|PS4)

PS4 games playable on PS5 via backward compatibility.

In our A Plague Tale: Requiem review, Nic said, “A Plague Tale: Requiem gave me the chills. The graphics, sound design and writing are all phenomenal, and the gameplay is fantastic. There are a few issues with sneaking sections feeling samey, the puzzles being a little too easy, but these are forgivable for just how excellent Amicia and Hugo are as characters. If you enjoyed the first game, or you’re just looking for something narratively compelling, Requiem is the game for you.”

In our Evil West review, Miguel wrote, “Evil West is an old-school banger, a reminder of the quick and sharp fun that action games can deliver. It has some flaws here and there, but the meat of the game is fast-paced and endlessly entertaining combat. Smacking vampires into clouds of red mist with a giant lightning gauntlet is something that every video game needs.”

In our Nobody Saves The World review, Gareth said, “Nobody Saves the World is a funny, inventive, but repetitive action RPG. It’s fun to explore the class customisation, but that comes after repeatedly grinding dungeons to level up new forms. You’ll have to ensure you really enjoy silly jokes and cooking up custom classes, which are definitely the game’s biggest strength.”

Can I still get the December 2023 PlayStation Plus games?

Of course you can! The PS Plus Essential games for December 2023 are available right up until they’re replaced on 2nd January, and include the following trio:

  • LEGO 2K Drive (PS5 | PS4)
  • PowerWash Simulator (PS5 | PS4)
  • Sable (PS5)

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  1. Requiem is fantastic, highly recommended. Also check out Anna Demetriou on YouTube/Twitch, she voices Sophia and has done playthroughs of both games with Charlotte McBurney who voices Amicia. They’re both hilarious and the behind the scenes anecdotes are really interesting.

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