Our Most Wanted Games of 2024 – #15 to #11

Most Wanted 2024 STALKER 2 Rise of the Ronin

We’re getting toward the pointy end of our Most Wanted list of 2024’s slate of games, and there’s two titles here that have been through “development hell” and back. Let’s start with the first of those…

15 – The Wolf Among Us 2

PS5, XSX|S, PS4, XBO, PC – 2024

It’s been a good long while since we’ve last heard about The Wolf Among Us 2’s development, but that hasn’t diminished our desire to see this game come to fruition. A sequel to one of Telltale’s most widely celebrated series? Yes please!

First announced in 2017, the game was thrown into doubt when the original Telltale Games folded in 2018. However, with the brand reborn half a year later, TWAU2 went back into development and was given a snappy reveal trailer in 2022. The planned 2023 launch was pushed back to 2024 with the decision to jump across to Unreal Engine 5 and wanting to avoid crunch for the team.

Sadly Telltale decided to lay off some of the team a few months ago, but they promise that all their existing projects are still in development, with this game in development alongside AdHoc Studio.

14 – Persona 3 Reload

PS5, XSX|S, PS4, XBO, PC – 2nd February 2024

Given how big a success Persona 5 was in the last few years – it’s practically a brand and franchise in its own right, thanks to all the spin-offs – it’s no surprise that Atlus has looked to revisit some of the previous games in the series and elevate them from niche, cult classic status that they might have had in the West.

Persona 3 Reload takes the PS2 and PSP JRPG and remakes it for modern consoles. As with all the Persona games, you’re sent off to school and making friends during the day, before indulging in the supernatural at night as part of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), explore a hidden world called the “Dark Hour” and battling the Shadows that prey on the minds of humans.

13 – Rise of the Ronin

PS5 – 22nd March 2024

Rise of the Ronin will see players step into the shoes of a wandering samurai during the late-Edo period of 19th century Japan. Amidst the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate, your mercenary sword will have plenty of work to do, forging a path through the world, picking factions to ally yourself with (and in turn decide the fate of the nation).

This PlayStation 5 exclusive is sure to be like catnip to those who loved the US-made PS exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, but will be delving into a rather different part of history. It will also deliver a very different experience to the mythology-infused soulslike action of Team Ninja’s Nioh series.

12 – Transformers Reactivate

Consoles & PC – 2024

Set in the future where Earth has already fallen and the Autobots are our last hope of fighting back against a new enemy called The Legion, Transformers: Reactivate is a co-op shooter from Splash Damage.

We’ve not heard a sausage about this game since it was announced at the 2022 The Game Awards, but let it be known that Tuffcub is still very excited about it, which is why it’s so high up on this list!

11 – STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

XSX|S, PC – Q1 2024

The strange anomaly at the heart of the Chornobyl exclusion zone is rising once again in STALKER 2, twisting this part of the world with its energy, while various factions look to embrace and take advantage of its effects. This open world shooter promises a sweeping epic to revive the series.

Whenever it’s released, STALKER 2 will be the culmination of a monumental effort for a game developer. On the one hand it took years to get the project to a point that it could be announced, but then 2022 happened and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, forcing the team to relocate to neighbouring countries in order to keep making the game, or choose to stay in their homeland and fight.

Next stop, the top 10! We’ll see you tomorrow for another set of 5 games, before we break down the top 5 individually.

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