Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition has been rated for PS5, PC & Xbox Series X|S

Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition has been rated for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S by the ESRB, though has not yet been formally announced by Bandai Namco. Little Nightmares 2 did get a Enhanced Edition update in 2021, adding ray tracing, enhanced visuals, and improved immersive sound.

In the ESRB description of Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition, it says, “This is an adventure platformer in which players assume the role of a girl (Six) who must escape a nightmarish world. As players traverse the environment, they run, jump, climb, and sneak around to avoid enemies (e.g., leaches, large human-like creatures). Getting caught usually results in short death scenes: corrupted souls eating Six whole; leeches strangling Six to death. One sequence depicts a pool of blood around a fallen boss after Six attacks her out of hunger; another sequence allows players to electrocute a character by dropping a TV into a pool. A hanging corpse and various blood stains are also depicted in some environments.”

The description also states that there are in game purchase, though if this is an enhanced edition of Little Nightmares, you would expect the previously released story DLC to be included. It is likely the in game purchases would refer to cosmetic items. Bandai Namco will have to clarify when the official announcement takes place.

Little Nightmares Review

In our Little Nightmares review, Tuffcub wrote, “Little Nightmares is something of a minor classic. Gorgeously gross and surprisingly inventive, it creates a genuine feeling of terror and tension. It’s a bit odd to say a game that involves skipping over corpses is enjoyable, but it is, just don’t blame Tarsier if you have nightmares.”

In August 2023, Bandai Namco confirmed that Little Nightmares 3 was in development, by Supermassive Games. That was down to the fact that Tarsier Studios was bought up by Embracer Group in 2021.

Source: ESRB

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