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Mini golf is the superior form of golf, let’s be honest. You won’t see the likes of Rory McIlroy or Scottie Scheffler trying to get a ball past a blowing windmill or through fire during the US Open, but they might if they have nGolf on Switch. nGolf is a mini golf game where you will take on putting challenges across eight worlds themed on a mix of real countries and other locales such as the beach.

nGolf is not a hard game to get through, nor is it long. It takes less than an hour to get through all of the worlds that nGolf has to offer. This with a completion rate for collecting stars being between 74% and 92% across those worlds. The stars are dotted around the small courses to collect, but playing holes under par is where the focus is generally on. On a lot of courses, it is very easy to get holes in one or getting under par, with few courses offering much of a challenge.

There are hazards, such as sand traps, mini tornadoes, and fire breathing statues. If you hit one of these the ball is instantly transported back to the start of the course, but most of the time can be avoided. The various themed worlds do not do much to differentiate between hazards, with the world changing being more about the art direction instead. For example, the fire breathing dragon statue in the fantasy land course is essentially the same as the one in the Japan course.

The gameplay is very simple and will be familiar to anyone who has played other golf games or even 8 ball pool games. There is an aiming line that shows the path that will be followed by the ball, and the longer the line is the more powerful that the shot is. The line does seem to move slowly as if it is heavy. The visual characteristics of each world are nice and bright, with influences from the real world obvious to spot. There is a lot of colour and everything is easily distinguishable. The music if fine too if inoffensive, doing its jobs as background filler.

The original price point for nGolf, set at £19.79, is not a good value for money price, which the developers must realise as the price has been discounted by 81% to £3.59. nGolf is not doing anything outstanding or breathtaking, It is a simple and short mini golf game, that will offer a bit of entertainment for a short time.

nGolf is one of those games that will fly by without much, if any fanfare. It offers a competent mini-golf game, but there have been others that have been more challenging and entertaining. It is not worth the full price, but at a steep discount it's a charming choice if you really need to play through some simple golf puzzles.
  • The visual design is decent
  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Original price point very questionable
  • Way too easy offering very little challenge
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