Four Xbox games are coming to other consoles, but not Starfield or Indy

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Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty have hosted the latest official Xbox Podcast which was trailered to announce an “Xbox Business Update”. This follows days of speculation that many Xbox exclusive games might be going multi platform, such as Sea of Thieves, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Starfield. There were even suggestions that Xbox legends such as Halo could be heading to PlayStation!

We do know that Phil Spencer had privately been reassuring employees that Microsoft is not planning to exit the console manufacturing business, so what exactly has been announced?

Four games are going to PlayStation and they are… not going to be revealed yet, but they are not Starfield and Indiana Jones. The games that are coming to other consoles are all over a year old, two are community driven games – Sea of Thieves and Grounded would fit that group – and two are smaller games that were “never really meant to be platform exclusive”, one of which is almost certainly Hi-Fi Rush, and the other maybe Pentiment or Redfall? Not sure how that last one would go over…

As for titles in the future, Phil states that this is not an indication that other games will be on the way. “There is no fundamental change to exclusivity” says Phil.

In other news, Activision games will be coming to Game Pass with Diablo IV on March 28th.

They also say they are focussed on the “next generation” roadmap which will be the “largest technical leap” ever seen. That’s the first we’ve heard about the Next Xbox, although they were very careful to not mention the console by name.

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  1. Sounds like two are Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush.

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