What We Played #641 – Banishers, Helldivers 2 & Lysfanga

Banishers Red and Anthea key art

Depending on where you are, it’s been half term this week. That means that your delightful children/siblings/distant cousins are at home and potentially getting in the way – I mean, spending quality time with you doing a variety of thoroughly lovely activities. Hopefully, that’s included some video games, though I’ve been playing Banishers which is not suitable for the small people in my house. I’ve also played some more Granblue Fantasy Relink, clocked up yet more hours on Monster Hunter Rise, and taken a look at a few other titles along the way.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, though he cancelled last night’s raid so that he could cover Microsoft’s new business shenanigans. Meanwhile, Nic B played Final Fantasy 7 at a preview event, which you can read about here. He says, “The demo for the game is out now, and it is very good. I strongly recommend it to anyone who will be picking up the game this month!”

Lysfanga Remnants

Steve rattled through the enjoyable Lysfanga which turned out to be more of a strategic affair than the Hades-like he was expecting. He then embarked on some serious Final Fantasy action by playing the FF7 Intermission DLC, saying, “It’s fab but I gave up on the final boss in my second Hard mode playthrough as hadn’t spent enough time grinding materia. Now onto the Rebirth demo before trying to squeeze in Crisis Core to refresh my Zack knowledge before the full release at the end of the month”. Finally, he picked up Banishers after my enthusiastic review but the period setting just about classifies that as research for the academic book he’s writing so maybe that’s more work than play? He also finished Astral Chain at last during an overnight break in the Lake District so he needs something else to fill the vacant Switch slot.

Gamoc played Midnight Suns, which he’s right near the end of, and Assassin’s Creed Unity which he says might be the best AC game. Which, seems wrong, but might be right. Also, he played more DND! He told us, “I’m spending today creating a plagued village and everyone inside it and also there’s an undead big bad influencing the place and….[trails off into DND nonsense]”

Nick P’s week has been all about Helldivers 2 and FFVII Remake. He says, “I’m trying to get the plat on it before Rebirth comes out.”

Helldivers 2 bugs gameplay

Swinging in for some crime fighting, Aran has played Spider-Man 2, saying, “I am enjoying it but the little crimes are very repetitive. The amount of arms deals taking place in a single day in a single city implies there’s a huge military gang. I’m tackling the side activities as they pop up too, and have hardly made progress in the main story yet. It’s a fun game but it feels like it isn’t as impactful as the original or Miles Morales.”

And finally, Tef wrapped up our review of Helldivers 2, which comes with some “immaculate vibes” for its Starship Troopers-y action. Now he’s on to Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s remake on Switch.

Now then, what about you? What have you played this past week?

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  1. I’ve fallen in love with Elden Ring again, in my first 140 hours i only progressed 16% overall and since i returned i’ve been picking up on the trails of npc side quests and in 45 hours i progressed to 33% overall complete. After Radahn i went on to successfully beat myself (mimic boss), completed Varres quest and discovered even more new stuff in places i thought i already explored. Then i turned my attention to the evergaols and defeated 5 in a row. Feels Gud.

  2. Had a bit a Japanese week, still enjoying my playthrough of Ghostwire:Tokyo, and concluding it with watching Bullet Train, which is very good fun (but I’d definitely not watch with my kids).

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