Withering Rooms brings 2.5D horror to PC, PS5, and Xbox

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Withering Rooms, a 2.5D horror RPG, has been announced for PC and consoles with a release date set for April 2nd, 2024. It’s the debut game from Seattle-based studio, Moonless Formless, and will also be getting a physical PS5 launch in May courtesy of Perp Games.

Withering Rooms invites horror fans to explore the haunted grounds of a Vicrotian mansion known as Mostyn House. This cursed estate is overrun with a menagerie of murderous entities including “overgrown undead, invisible ghosts, devious witches, and axe wielding madmen”.

As players make their way through the mansion it will rearrange itself each night, presenting new challenges. This is perhaps what interests us most about Withering Rooms – although it’s not showcased front and centre, the game seemingly features RPG roguelike mechanics as evidenced by mentions of player item builds and procedurally generated environments populating each playthrough. From what we’ve seen it looks delightfully macabre, like an obscure, early PS2 era horror hidden gem.

About Withering Rooms

  • Explore Mostyn House to gather weapons, distractions, magical artifacts, keys, and crafting materials.
  • Take on a huge cast of monsters and bosses – overgrown undead, invisible ghosts, devious witches, axe wielding madmen, and many more.
  • Discover secret passageways, dusty attics filled with treasure, and even the ever-changing Byzantine Labyrinth that lies beneath Mostyn House.
  • Take the sting out of death by performing rituals to preserve items from night to night or permanently level up.
  • Meet a cast of strange friends, merchants, liars, and witches each with their own agenda.
  • Cast a wide variety of spells – create hex traps on closet doors, enchant suits of armor to assist you, or create a decoy mimic of yourself.
  • Greater dangers – and greater treasures – await you in the hedge mazes, tombs, caves, churches, and ruins beyond the Mostyn House grounds.

It’s not the only horror game that has recently been announced, hot on the heels of PS5 exclusive Shines Over: The Damned.

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