4X strategy Millennia gets a March release date

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Paradox Interactive and developer C Prompt Studios have announced that their upcoming historical 4X strategy game Millennia will be releasing on 26th March 2024. Check out the latest trailer:

Millennia looks set to square up against the Civilization series with a historical game that spans over 10,000 years, and has some intriguing new ideas on how to handle the shifts of time and growth and change that has come to the world’s cultures and nations. Specifically, the game will run through different Ages, during which you’ll research technologies of the era to advance your nation, before being able to herald and bring in the next age.

From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, Millennia will have all of the historically accurate periods of human history… but there will also be ways to diverge from them. Whether it’s taking a more militaristic approach to early years, or eagerly seeking out wonders of the world, you can skew history into both more enlightened and more chaotic and darker paths. The Age of Heroes, the Age of Blood, the Age of Plague, and many more will feature in Millennia.

I went hands on with the game’s opening, previewing the demo that was live during the recent Steam Next Fest, and I was really intrigued to see where it could head next. In our first preview, I said, “There’s a lot of really interesting ideas coursing through Millennia, as C Prompt Games has found a unique way to break down history and the flow of human existence through the ages. We’ve had just a brief glimpse at how the game pulls this together, but I’m keen to play some more and (depending on if I’m in a bad mood), steer the world into crisis after crisis after crisis.”

All of this is coming from new studio C Prompt, who’ve made a big of a leap between genres. The steam was founded by and consists largely of veterans from Ensemble Studios, you’d have anticipated a real time strategy in the vein of Age of Empires, but Millennia has shifted away from the real time strategy to hex grids and turns.

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