What We Played #642 – Helldivers 2, Ultros & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The weather outside’s been frightful for most of this week, so while my step counts have suffered, I’ve been getting plenty of gaming in. And it’s been Helldivers 2 that’s really sunk its claws into me, despite having to be a little bit patient to log in and to deal with a few gremlins along the way. It’s just a whole lot of fun, and really enjoyable for both short and sharp bursts with randoms and longer play sessions with friends.

But sometimes the servers did get the better of me… and I’ve been obliged to play other things, including the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake, and making a start with the Splatoon 3: Side Order DLC review. So, keep an eye out for those soon

This week, while sharing what we’ve been playing, we’ve also been pondering the Borderlands movie trailer. Kate Blanchett’s hair went down well, while Claptrap’s voice ended up being rather confusing, but there’s also just the question “did we really need a Borderlands movie?”

Aran kicks things off with the actual gaming stuff by wrapping up his playthrough and platinum of Spider-Man 2, and while he enjoyed it on the whole, he preferred the previous games for their stories. He’s also played Slave Zero X for a review which will be coming along soon.

When he’s not been playing Destiny 2, or patiently waiting to get in to play some Helldivers 2, Tuffcub’s been reviewing Ad Infinitum, “which is a WW1 horror game, mostly a “walking simulator” thing but with puzzles and stealth sections. The enemy design is particularly nasty and demonic.”

Helldivers 2 Automatons

Jim was another who’s been playing Helldivers 2, definitely finding that the game’s more fun as you dial up the difficulty. He’s also reviewed Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, which certainly plays like it belongs in a museum, but is a good remaster nonetheless!

Completing his prep for the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Nick P grabbed the platinum for FF7 Remake and its DLC. He’s also played a bunch of Helldivers 2.

But it was the other Nic who got to review Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and… well, let’s just say that he loved it! Head here for the full review.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Synergy

Gamoc snagged Midnight Suns’ season pass as it was on sale, so he’s been doing the DLC missions there, and he also picked up a month of Game Pass Ultimate so he could try out Roboquest, “which is great”, Brotato, “which is OK”, and Palworld, which is “a bit addictive.”

On his usual review train, Steve has been playing both Inkulinati and Ultros. then he was lured into the FF7 Rebirth demo one more for the second batch of content, and followed that up by playing Crisis Core: Reunion. Finally, he’s been playing Regency Solitaire 2.

Ultros metroidvania melee combat

Miguel’s had a bunch of things on the go with Armored Core 6, the Intermissions DLC for FF7 Remake, Helldivers 2 and Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island – keep an eye out for that review later today.

And we’ll round out the week with the real wrong ‘un of the group: Ade. He’s been playing Skull and Bones for our review, but there’s clearly something off about him. Despite the received wisdom that this game is boring and not as good as Black Flag, he’s somehow managing to have a good time! There’s a Principal Skinner meme for this, but he says that it’s “best played when listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.”

Now then, what have you been playing? And do you have any unconventional opinions about Borderlands movies or Skull and Bones?

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  1. More Elden Ring – i have two Great Runes (besides Rennala’s) and i believe i could progress towards one of the endings now but i’m more interested in completing as many areas and side-quests etc as i can first – not an easy task when there is almost no in-game quest tracking.

    • Forgot to mention i also tried the Outcast demo -what a strange way to do a demo, separating the combat/exploration and story elements, it all felt like a tech demo and a bit clunky at that.

  2. I continued playing through Ghostwire:Tokyo, which is still quite good, was not surprised it just made it onto the ‘last chance to play’ list for Plus. With my limited playtime, I’ll make it through, and will have a look at Outer Wilds and maybe Haven after that, before those leave Plus too.
    Oh, and I’m currently thinking about getting my son his own PS5, or convincing him getting one himself, as we struggle increasingly often for it in the evenings.

    • There’s been some good offers on consoles lately, as Sony and Microsoft and retailers all try to shift some stock to finish off this fiscal year.

      • Yes, thank you, that was actually what started me off, I got a price alert yesterday morning about a weekend offer, with which the PS5 is as cheap as it was on Black Friday. But then, there’s all sorts of things to consider, e.g. how much we still need ‘control’ over our son’s gaming, etc. It’s complicated…

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