All games leaving PlayStation Plus in March 2024

games leaving playstation plus march 2024

Here are the latest games leaving PlayStation Plus as we look at the list of departures for March 2024. There’s a small cluster of favourites being yanked from Sony’s more premium tiers, including a recent Bethesda open world horror and arguably one of the best indie gems of the past decade.

For those who remember, Ghostwire: Tokyo was one of two PS5 exclusives (alongside Deathloop) that Bethesda launched before being acquired by Microsoft. Having enjoyed mostly favourable reviews, including our own 8/10 Ghostwire: Tokyo review, it marked a new direction for developer Tango Gameworks which has since released the brilliant Hi-Fi Rush.

Other big games leaving PlayStation Plus include strategy sequel Civilization VI and the anime-fuelled soulslike, Code Vein. For indie enthusiasts who lean on PS Plus, this will also be your last chance to play the sublime Outer Wilds – not to be confused with Outer Worlds!

Games leaving PlayStation Plus Extra | March 2024

There are a total of 10 games leaving PlayStation Plus. The following 7 PlayStation Plus Extra titles will leave on March 19, 2024:

  • Civilization VI
  • Tchia
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • NEO: The World Ends With You
  • Haven
  • Code Vein
  • Outer Wilds

And here are the PlayStation Plus Essential games for February 2024, due to leave the service early next month:

  • Foamstars
  • Rollerdrome
  • Steelrising

PlayStation Plus relaunch explained

In 2022, a PlayStation Plus relaunch rolled out around the world, transforming the PS Plus we once knew into a three tiered subscription service that bundles in and expands what was once PlayStation Now. The classic PS Plus is now called PS Plus Essential, giving access to online multiplayer gaming, cloud save backups, exclusive offers and at least 2 free monthly games. PS Plus Extra then adds a catalogue of PS4 and PS5 games into the mix, while PS Plus Deluxe and Premium (depending on your region) adds older PS2, PS1 and PSP game emulation, and game streaming for PS3 and other titles.

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