What We Played #643 – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Crisis Core & Helldivers 2

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It’s been a miserable week for people that like weather that isn’t just varying amounts of rain, though the odd bit of hail has helped to add a little variety to proceedings.

That’s just meant I’ve barely needed an excuse to play plenty of Helldivers 2, though I did have a little break to quickly polish off our Mario vs. Donkey Kong review. Honestly, Helldivers might be a bit repetitious, but it’s still just a satisfying game to play. I’m perfectly happy just playing lower difficulty levels and not fussing with the progression too much for a nice, almost relaxing time.

Helldivers 2 Automatons

A wild Tuffcub appeared in my game session one evening, too, though he was saddened that my cat wasn’t playing. Obviously when left to his own devices he played Destiny 2 as well.

It was Gamoc’s birthday earlier this week – happy birthday! – And while he didn’t get any specific birthday games, he did get Void Bastards, “which is a fantastic name” and he continued on with his latest Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough.

Of course, there was really just one game that everyone has been playing or preparing to play: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Aran played through Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and really enjoyed it – “I think I definitely over levelled a bit too much, as I beat the last boss in about a minute.” He also started Need For Speed Unbound, just switching off while racing, drifting, and smashing into other cars.

While he reviewed it last week, Nic B has also played lots and lots of FF7 Rebirth, while Nick P has already sunk 15 hours into the game “and I’ve barely done anything but explore. This game is quite large!”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth combat

And Steve has also played Crisis Core in preparation for Rebirth, but as it usual, he’s been playing plenty of other games. He’d rattled through Ultros and Regency Solitaire II for review last week, and has now rolled into The Thaumaturge and Pacific Drive, but he’s also been dealing with a temperamental PC that’s made reviewing rather tricky…

Finally, we come to Ade, who played a load of Skull and Bones and actually kind of loves it! Read his review of that here. You can also read his review of the stealthy turn-based tactical game Classified: France ’44.

That’s us, but what about you? Let us know what you’ve played in the comments below.

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  1. I’m feverishly chipping away at Elden Ring, sidequests are progressing along and i’m clearing the underground locations with confidence and have gained access to Leyndell, which is a giant maze! It was initially daunting but i’ve split it into more manageable chunks by finding the grace sites. Lot’s done, lot’s more to do.

  2. I’ve got a whole week off work, so the plan was to try and clear some of the backlog.

    Did not go well.

    Helldivers 2 is just so much fun, that took up quite a bit of time. And quite a bit of dying due to friendly fire. Or by someone dropping a hellpod on me. And lets not get started on the Eagle napalm strike.

    There was also a lot of Granblue Fantasy Relink, which is excellent. Currently doing the grindy bit to get everyone ready for redoing the story on ultimate difficulty. Which isn’t that hard until around half way through. So lots of “quick quests” with random online people. Done that slimepede quest far too many times.

    Plus some more Diablo 4. Current seasonal character is ripping through everything so far.

    And because I was going to clear some of the backlog, I’m about half way through A Plague Tale: Requiem. Which is an incredibly good looking game. And sounds good too. And the rat swarm physics is impressive. Gameplay, not so great.

    Maybe I’ll finish that and some other stuff off before it’s back to work. Although there’s Dune Part 2 to see today. On big fancy IMAX screen.

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