Suicide Squad Season 1 kicks off on 28th March

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Rocksteady has confirmed that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Season 1 will get started on 28th March, bringing The Joker into the game as a playable character. Meanwhile, the Epic Games Store version of the game has been delayed again, now coming out on 26th March.

Now, you might be wondering how The Joker, who died in the Arkham-verse setting, is going to return to Suicide Squad? Well, that’s where the parallel dimensions of Elseworlds come into play, letting Rocksteady pick and choose from across the pantheon of DC comic book stories for inspiration.

This Joker was part of an Elseworlds version of the Suicide Squad so he’s rather more co-operative than you might expect, and he’s more like the original vaudevillian Joker from the Batman TV show that starred Adam West. The Joker has a rocket powered umbrella to fly, glide and grind around the play area.

Rocksteady has claimed that Suicide Squad is going to have “one of the most generous, player friendly post launch experiences available”, with four seasons planned for the game’s first year. Each season will include two new episodes that focus on a specific character from the DC Universe, with early hints that Season 2 will be all about Mr. Freeze.

After years of delays, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League finally released on February 2nd, 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Was it worth the wait? Well, in our Suicide Squad review, Gamoc said, “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a perfect example of how live services can sap all the energy out of a game experience. The story, the character and gameplay all range from good to fantastic, but the missions grow stale before too long, the loot system’s few bright spots are tarnished by the chore of everything else you earn, and the story and characters all but evaporate once you reach the endgame.”

Since then, there’s been regular headlines jumping on the game’s rapidly declining player base. The game spiked at 13,459 concurrent players on Steam at launch, but after just three weeks, the daily concurrent peaks had dropped to less than 1,000, and it’s now under 500 as of last night. No surprise that Warner Bros. has said that the game “fell short of expectations“…

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