Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge battle pass revealed with new energy weapons

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The Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge battle pass has been revealed, bringing a fresh batch of three new armours, and a trio of new energy weapons when it launches next week on 14th March.

The three new armours are:

  • EX-03 Prototype 3 – Includes a rubber underlayer for insulation. Handy, really, as this prototype’s wires operate at a shocking 400,000 volts.
  • EX-16 Prototype 16 – Warning: Electric arc generates a strong magnetic field. Avoid use while near stapled paperwork.
  • EX-00 Prototype X – The end result of several billion Super Credits and 12 years of research into creating “the Soldier of Tomorrow”. Show us it was worth it.

And the trio of new guns are:

  • LAS-16 Sickle – A sweet laser rifle that fires in short bursts. And it doesn’t need reloading. Just watch for overheating or shove a new heatsink in there.
  • SG-8P Punisher Plasma – Exploding plasma rounds sound deadly… because they are, to aliens and allies! This modified Punisher shotgun is as fun as it is fearsome.
  • ARC-12 Blitzer – Project an arc of close-range lightning, or charge it up to fire off powerful bolts. Good for taking out multiple targets and giving you more time to pick a celebration emote.

The pass is rounded out with a new stun grenade, the G-23 Stun, and the LAS-7 Dagger pistol. Oh, and obviously there’s new capes and new emotes.

The Warbond system (as these battle passes are branded) is a pretty generous one in Helldivers 2. For one thing, Warbonds do not expire, so will always be available in the game and cut down on FOMO. Additionally, while there are microtransactions to let you buy each premium Warbond, you can earn the premium currency of Super Credits both through the battle passes, and from finding reward caches while playing missions. It’s pretty easy to earn enough for premium armours and Warbonds just through playing. It really lives up to Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt’s quote that games should “earn the right to monetize”.

There’s also a distinctive progression through the passes with multiple pages of unlock which you buy individually using medals earned from completing missions. You’ll have to spend a certain amount of medals to earn each successive page, but it’s a pretty canny system.

This announcement comes a day after Arrowhead’s first balance patch for Helldivers 2, which while it hasn’t been popular has sought to tweak the game’s weapons and open up the meta beyond the Breaker / Railgun / Shield meta.

Source: PS Blog

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