Mario Day announcements include release dates and movie news!

Mario Day is here, which if you are unaware is March 10th – Mar10, get it? Nintendo have posted a short video of announcements with three reveals.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will be available on June 26th 2024, the game was revealed way back in September 2023 so they’re taking their time on that one. “In this visually enhanced adventure, you’ll visit the chilling locales of the eerie Evershade Valley, a place that’s screaming and teeming with troublemaking ghosts,” say Nintendo. “Luckily, Luigi’s got the right tools for the job, like the enemy-stunning Strobulb and his trusty Poltergust, which can vacuum up ghosts, objects or interact with the environment.”

“Luigi’s paranormal escapades will take him to all sorts of places, including a former plant research lab, a broken-down clock factory and an icy, snow-covered mine, just to name a few.”

We also have a release date for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, also announced during the same Nintendo Direct in 2023. “The Nintendo GameCube classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door returns with updated graphics on Nintendo Switch!” exclaim Nintendo rather enthusiastically. “Join Mario and friends in an RPG adventure to discover the legendary treasure behind the ancient Thousand-Year Door. Will Mario complete his papery quest, or will he crumple under the pressure?”

They have not revealed why there’s a totally pointless hyphen between thousand and year.

The least surprising news is a sequel to the billion dollar box office Super Mario Bros. Movie, which will land in cinemas on April 3rd 2026 in the US and “many” global markets, with some countries getting it a little later in April. Directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic will be returning and Illumination Paris will also return and animate the movie. Presumably Chris Pratt will return as the voice of Mario himself, as well as jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy and others.

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  1. “We also have a release date for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door…”

    Doesn’t bother telling us the release date. Excellent reporting!

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