Sony accidently posted the Stellar Blade demo early, watch 40 minutes here!

Sony have manage to leak their own demo of Stellar Blade by placing it on the PlayStation store by accident. It was quickly removed by a few people had manage to grab a copy by then and have posted the first 40 minutes on YouTube.

Stellar Blade is a PlayStation 5 exclusive that was previously known as Project Eve.

Coming from Korean studio Shift up, Stellar Blade features fast-paced action RPG combat, able to grab the weapons of enemies and use them against them, quick time events for action scenes, and platforming and traversal, not to mention a world and character design that will bring to mind Bayonetta and Nier Automata.

You’ll be playing as Eve as she’s deployed to an apocalyptic Earth to fight back against an alien race called NA:tives, but in the process happens upon a chap named Adam – Adam & Eve, geddit? – who leads her to the last surviving city, Xion – which you’d pronounce “Zion”, another Bible reference.  Eve is called “Angel” by the inhabitants of Xion. 

You’ll have to journey to defeat the invading NA:tive aliens who have all-but wiped out humanity, and the guns and flashy swords in the combat certainly don’t look like something you’d find in Sunday school. Stellar Blade looks to feature slick and fast-paced action and combat that will bring to mind Bayonetta and Nier Automata.

You’ll kit yourself out with Beta Skills and Burst Skills, mastering the parry, evade and timing needed to break through the enemies. You can aquire new skills and upgrades at camps, and also take a nice nap while changing in to entirely impractical sexy  costumes. The game’s trailers have drawn some criticism for player character Eve’s physique, with people thinking it didn’t look realistic. Skill Up shot this down by showing that the game uses 3D scans for character models, and Eve is portrayed by model Shin Jae-eun.

Source: YouTube

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